Charlie’s War

Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA is a conservative student group that latched on to the Trump campaign after he routed the Republican field of their preferred candidates.
He and his organization combine the standard point-and-titter critique of leftist excess with neoconservatism and free market enthusiasm–as if the last ten years or so never happened. His “Culture War” tour of college campuses (to “own” the snowflakes!) is presently in danger of cancellation after a pair of events were taken over in the Q&A by “groypers” challenging his hypocrisy in supporting Israel and denouncing “white supremacy” in America:

Kirk recently caused a stir when he said, in a speech in Israel, that America is merely a “placeholder for timeless values”; the speech and question-and-answer session is chock full of similar content. On a mission to purge the conservative movement of white nationalists, oblivious young Charlie went to Israel and gave a speech denouncing ethno-nationalism as immoral and stupid–to a group of young Zionists.
Some of them couldn’t help challenging him on that. I think the notorious “placeholder” comment came in one of the fumbling responses to the question “what’s so bad about ethno-nationalism?”

Those of you enjoying Kirk’s tour melting down (like a snowflake!) will be pleased to know he was catching hell for his hypocrisy before he left Israel, by the very people his hypocrisy shields.

Nick Fuentes is taking some credit for sending forth the voluntary groyper army. Kirk envisioned his tour as engaging in a “culture war” with the leftists who would no doubt turn out in protest. In another state-of-the-political-art circa 2005 move, Kirk brought his Gay Black Veteran friend on stage to own the leftists.
 He found a culture war alright, not with snowflakes melting down gloriously (clips of which engorge the members of donors), but with the very white advocates it is his mission to purge; the irony is probably lost on him:

Black Gay Hero: “Who’s into Cardi B? Anyone?”

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