Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Patriarchy is Over

Man made the electro lights 
To take us out of the dark 
Man made the bullet for the war 
Like Noah made the ark 
This is a man’s man’s, man’s world 
But it would be nothing…
Not one little thing 
Without a woman or a girl 
He’s lost in the wilderness 
He’s lost in the bitterness…
Without a woman or a girl
James Brown, It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World, 1966.

Yet another photo to be compared to a Renaissance tableau featuring an array of types, in a scene representative of the time.

(partial, Transfiguration of Christ, Raphael)

We live in a cultural matriarchy. It’s not quite a whole matriarchy, as men still do most of the doing, and still own most of the wealth. But women have been given rights of indulgence far beyond what men took for granted before the sexual revolution. Things are run entirely for them, if not mostly by them.

Someone must pay for the years of disappointment these aging women have endured (and their young compatriots seem to desire, demand even). They look for something, anything to blame it on, to reassure them none of it is their fault.

we all nodded at him over the polished table that like a still sheet of brown water reflected our faces, lined, wrinkled; our faces marked by toil, by deceptions, by success, by love; our weary eyes looking still, looking always, looking anxiously for something out of life, that while it is expected is already gone—has passed unseen, in a sigh, in a flash—together with the youth, with the strength, with the romance of illusions.
–Youth, Joseph Conrad

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