Censorship to Continue Until Morale Improves

Censorship is the eighth dirty word. The first seven are okay now, actually. Censorship is the last dirty word. Can’t say it.
YouTube channel Black Pigeon Speaks was taken down without explanation this morning

The reason we know; the only curious thing is the timing. The subject of his last video was censorship and I think I’m seeing a trend.

BPS was meticulous in avoiding terms of service violations, but was certainly slated for removal at the first opportunity–but what determines that in YouTube’s estimation? What holds them back in the first place from wholesale banning? Having demonstrated they won’t explain themselves and no one will force them to, what restrains them?

Going nuclear in a day on the right might prompt a response, finally, from somewhere in the government or society. Congress taking up the anti-trust issue must factor in. But be certain, if things get really bad for the Narrative, they’ll probably drop the big one. Everything they’ve done this far shows their commitment to censorship of any rightist or populist dissent, even over profit.

How much autonomy is YouTube allowed? The erratic nature of its censorship–waiting a day to purge Crowder and then abjectly apologizing, for instance–indicate Google is applying all the pressure (not community outrage), and intervening at points when CEO Susan Wojkiki isn’t being diligent enough. Thus the tearful apology.

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