The Christchurch Shooter’s Manifesto

Reading the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto (at 14:30). I missed all the 4chan references in this first reading. His actions lend credence to his claim he intends to speed up a civil war, and he isn’t trolling anyone about demographic displacement because he isn’t lying about demographic displacement; most of the rest of the manifesto is trolling. From the obvious, Candace Owens is too extreme! to, I think, a troll to the right, by paraphrasing the white nationalist “14 words” without citation. I wonder if here he’s not trying to encourage conspiracy theorists.

By bringing the message board memes and shitposting directly into a manifesto attached to fifty dead innocents the killer’s best shot at accelerating things is in the area of censorship.

 Here’s the Serbian war video he’s said to have played before the massacre:

The YouTube channel posting this updated its description:

Our thoughts are with the victims of the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

This song is not about nor does it condone killing innocent civilians. Made during the chaotic civil war of the former Yugoslavia it was meant as morale boosting song for the Serbian defence, with references to Croatian Ustaša, who not more than half a century prior to this committed horrific crimes against the Serbian people, together with their Muslim allies.

Hundreds of similar war-time songs were made by all sides and this one is nothing special. This channel has an equal amount of videos made by muslims as made by Serbs, with the primary goal being the historic value.

Here’s another good one:

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