As Democrats crowded each other to join the Jussie Smollet hoax, Kamala Harris distinguished herself by pointing out she knows the boy personally, and by stumping for her state-of-the-legislative-art anti-lynching law (segregated lunch counters you’re next!) and denouncing the “modern day lynching” in chorus with the affable and clueless Corey Booker

As the hoax played perfectly into Harris’ anti-lynching stunt-legislation, and Harris speaks so highly of the man, a few naturally asked if she might have had some hand in his conspiracy.

Three of those photos appear to be from the same rally. The photo with Valerie Jarrett reminds me Chicago, site of the hoax, is not only not “MAGA country” but Obama country. Smollett lives in “the capital of black America” as declared by Ta-Nehisi Coates (if whites have to read Coates to absolve themselves of racism, like Governor Northam, what should Jussie have to read for his transgressions?), making it holy writ.

I doubt any politician as canny as Kamala would be foolish enough to conspire with Jussie Smollet, who appears to lack a certain, er, sophistication, but it’s not inconceivable Smollet was inspired by Harris’ anti-lynching campaign.

As it turns out he probably attempted an easier hoax by having hate mail sent to him at the Empire set, maybe by the same Nigerians. Speculation that he was to be written out of the show was of course denied by the producers. The show’s ratings are imploding as well; maybe Jussie thought to take one for the team. But I do hope someone is investigating the possibilities.

Smollett had to add production value to his next hoax attempt, and he had big plans. We were supposed to see him getting abused, on grainy black and white by shadowy figures. Imagine how much worse it all would have been with the visceral addition of video. He would have been believed by even the skeptical. Normal people project their normality onto others; the idea of him going to the trouble to stage the hoax would have been inconceivable. I think I would have found it convincing–the perversity of celebrity (and black) narcissism is hard for the average white to comprehend.

If only Jussie hadn’t messed up the scene blocking by putting his actors behind the camera instead of in front of it, he probably would have got away with it and convulsed the nation in a cycle of race hysteria to rival fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama’s murderous Black Lives Matter campaign.

One of the sources of skepticism was the lack of video evidence in a city covered with security cameras. People can’t imagine someone going to the trouble. Producing two live bodies for your story lends realism and also makes any possible conspiracy less likely in the minds of the skeptical: it’s easy for one sissy to make up a story, but to produce video evidence that would have involved two more conspirators isn’t so easy (at least if you don’t have agreeable Nigerian bodybuilders and a little money).

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