Twitter User

(took this from yesterday down because it was a mess, and re-posting now; and “Twitter User” is a better name)

Ann Coulter dared describe the Democrats’ current absolute state of white absolution, in their own words sans the sentiment, on Twitter:

“Dems don’t want people to notice that their base is composed of diametrically opposed groups. RESULT: Anti-Semites founding the Women’s March; Trannies screaming at vagina-centered [the Indy 100 article linked here put a “SIC” after this] Feminists, Hollywood dumping Kevin Hart.”

And Twitter’s voluntary auxiliary thought police rose as one, like zombies answering a witch doctor’s conjuring, providing the content for a host of articles such as the one linked above, outrage-listicles for lazy journalists.

But I realize “Florida Man”, a catch-all phrase for Floridians engaging in reckless redneckitude , has a counterpoint-counterpart, Twitter User. Just as “Florida Man” gets his name from news reports (“Florida Man Creates Lawn Chair Airboat, is Eaten by Alligators”), likewise Twitter User (“Twitter User Responds to Ann Coulter and it’s Glorious!”).

Twitter User is Florida Man’s opposite. Where Florida Man’s lack of judgement makes him as unpredictable as the outcomes of his various schemes, Twitter User seeks out predictability, as a virtue. And he invariably finds it.

Whereas Florida Man lacks awareness of his connection to society and his effects on it, Twitter User is obsessed with it, and has an aggrandized notion of his place in it–yet seeks ever more prominence. Twitter User is as engaged as Florida Man is disengaged, yet he appears to have even less self-awareness. Florida Man may be led by his impulses, but Twitter User is led by someone else’s.

Twitter User repeats from a small store of platitudes, and prides himself not on some new insight, but on a more inventive and amusing way of repeating those platitudes.
Such a reaction as this could be any Twitter User responding to any Twitter Bait, for instance:

This has to be one of the most racist things ever said on television. Advertisers, are you really going to support this?’ one Twitter user wrote.

 Who will achieve self-awareness first, AI or the NPC? It’s almost as if the former is progressing toward it at the same time humanity regresses away from it.

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