The World on Wednesday

As I write a shouting mob is assembled outside of Tucker Carlson’s house, the same group that chased Ted Cruz out of a restaurant, all arranged via a Twitter account that remains very much active.

Journalists haven’t been entirely safe on the streets around antifa, and those of Carlson’s stature have almost entirely ignored it to feign fear of Trump’s jackboots and the fascist thunder-on-the-horizon that are those rally chants.

But this seems an escalation for antifa, direct, organized harassment of a journalist critic. Note, or not, what’s the point, the standard left/right double standard. In ignoring this (I’m going way out on a limb in assuming Fox’s competitors’ coverage will be cover for the left, to the extent it will be covered at all) the media will be complicit.
It’s so much a dereliction of journalistic duty it constitutes assent.

Meanwhile in Portland internecine leftist drama continues to entertain.

Self-described “copwatchers” who film the police on the street are a motley segment. There’s one specific type, the pot-bellied middle-aged hippy with an ironclad zeal. They give no moral quarter to police or their defenders, and by “defenders” I mean anyone who doesn’t think their local police should be disbanded and/or jailed.

They will descend on you with their camera phones if they find you suspicious–as happened to me once. I’ve seen the same type descend on a hapless deliveryman at City Hall, as if all taxpaying citizens are fair game–and they should be, somewhat, by the copwatchers’ determination that law enforcement is murder. I mean, we’re all paying for it. Copwatchers look like they don’t, but I’m sure as a group they have to be similarly compromised, if less.

Another type of copwatcher is the young and unbalanced type looking for excitement. They are no less zealous, no closer to reason.

Today the Mayor praised last night’s peaceful protest, a march celebrating the passage of an initiative–a positive message for once. But it wasn’t entirely peaceful, when an aggressive local copwatcher (who says he’s been arrested 16 times) responds to withering SJW irony with a genuinely impressive left- right-hook combination before indulging his well-earned rant against Portland, the Police and the pussies.

Source: Brandon Farley

Tomorrow the city council (cue television commercial voice-over: “now with more Diversity!” after the elections), exhausted from the serial encounters between Vancouver Washington’s Proud Boys affiliated Patriot Prayer provocateurs and the always-down locals will consider limits on public protests in the city:

The Portland City Council is scheduled to have a public hearing on an ordinance at Mayor Ted Wheeler’s request Thursday that would place new restrictions on protests in the city.
The proposal, dubbed the Protest Safety Ordinance by Wheeler’s office, is a direct response to the many political demonstrations that have devolved into violent street clashes in the last two years, which have caused injury and property damage and drawn unfavorable attention to Portland.
If adopted, Wheeler would be allowed broad powers over when and how people may speak their minds in public. He could order demonstrators to restrict the length of a rally and order it be held at a specific place. He could limit movement within a zone of the city. And he could order public buildings be closed to curtail protesters’ access to high-up vantage points, given worrying use of a public parking garage rooftop by armed protesters in August. Violators would be subject to arrest and fines.
Wheeler could order the restrictions only under certain circumstances, including if protesting groups have a history of violence, or if there is a “substantial likelihood of violence” at a planned protest, according to a draft of the ordinance.

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