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New York Times op ed features comedy bit based on racial slur:

Fatal Type II error.

Another example of the “Dead Becky” phenomenon or what happens when you don’t call 911 on suspicious, dangerous blacks—the 2008 murder of Anne Pressly by Curtis Lavelle Vance.

Pressly was a news anchor for KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was raped, tortured, and murdered in her Little Rock home.

Here’s what Nicholas Stix wrote about it here on in 2009:

Lori Garner, a personal trainer at the Pro Fitness club in Pressly’s Heights neighborhood, reported seeing a man whom she and a client are now sure was Vance stalking the gym three times during the pre-dawn hours. Twice, Garner was accompanied by the client. The last time, in September, the man was crouching outside of the gym exposing himself. But they never called the police.
If the reports are true and the charges hold up, my conclusion is that Curtis Lavelle Vance apparently is only interested in raping and murdering white women, with robbery an afterthought.

In an earlier time, such bravado on the part of black felons in white neighborhoods was the exception. But after some 45 years of authorities and the MSM terrorizing whites in the name of “civil rights,” it is the rule. No matter how many white females are raped and/or murdered, whites fear being treated like “racists” by police and reporters if they demand action against black strangers acting suspiciously in neighborhoods where they have no legitimate business

Does biting your tongue out of political correctness count as a Type II error? It clearly isn’t the same as someone making an objective call and getting it wrong. It’s compelled from without. The inner slap of self-regulating non-racists is a result of deliberate social conditioning.
It’s not enough for the Current Year though. The BBQ Becky campaign seeks to intimidate whites outright into not calling the police ever on blacks. It’s the outer slap.

I think we need a Type III error. An objective judgement finds a threat–real or not–but is superceded by the “inner slap” of conditioned masochism or the outer slap, the threat (there’s that word again) of sanction for getting it wrong. You could be the next BBQ Becky. Or, maybe putting down the phone is itself a risk assessment–of the risk of social sanction. That certainly is the intention of the BBQ Becky cultural campaign–which has to be viewed alongside the real threat of violence evidenced in interracial crime statistics. On one end whites are criminally trangressed upon the more they come into contact with blacks, at the other political and cultural action seeks to limit what they can do about it.
That’s why I say BLM and offshoots like this are sinister.

Associated Press:

The alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was angered when he learned he had to undergo security screening between flights on the morning of the suicide attacks, a former U.S. Airways ticket agent says. 

Michael Tuohey of Scarborough said he was suspicious of Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari when they rushed through the Portland International Jetport to make their flight to Boston that day. 

Atta’s demeanor and the pair’s first-class, one-way tickets to Los Angeles made Tuohey think twice about them. 

“I said to myself, ’If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nothing does.’ Then I gave myself a mental slap, because in this day and age, it’s not nice to say things like this,” Tuohey told the Maine Sunday Telegram. “You’ve checked in hundreds of Arabs and Hindus and Sikhs, and you’ve never done that. I felt kind of embarrassed.”

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