Ernst Roets of the pro-Boer oranization Afriforum addressing South Africa’s congress

…the ANC/EFF’s argument that “ownership of land by whites should be regarded as illegitimate because Africa is the black people’s continent, then [they] should be prepared to join forces with white, right-wing fascists in Europe who argue that Europe is white people’s continent, and that there is therefore no place for black people in Europe.”

The analogy Americans, and the West, still draw is between black South Africans and native Americans. Whites robbing an indigenous group of its land. But the analogy would only be valid if America’s settlers had set up in, say, New England and created a thriving nation drawing in indigenous migrants, rather than expanding across the continent wiping out the scattered nations. A few local tribes would indeed have a grievance having had their land conquered from them, but the rest would not, and they certainly wouldn’t have a claim to the land.

So, are we establishing historic continental privilege? Because I’d like to invoke it right now.

Can South Africa’s seemingly inevitable consolidation as a black ethnostate be of a part with rising ethnic nationalism globally? It’s like water finding its level.

If you argue that white people in Africa shouldn’t receive equal treatment, but that the rights of black people in Europe should be protected, then you are nothing other than a racist hypocrite,” he declared.

Invoking racism is a loser’s game. Even the Boers of Afriforum accede to some land appropriation, with compensation. But the ANC have effectively led black South Africans to believe they, or someone in their family, is going to get a farm. There isn’t nearly enough land to go around, and probably not enough farming ability in the population to properly run those they take. It’s a question of how appeased the average black South African is going to be by the sight of whites getting theirs. If the ANC actually does start snapping up all the farms, the inevitable food crisis is going to make the appeasement of black South Africans harder still. In that case we can count on the ANC blaming the whites, as we spiral on down.

What South Africa needs is a two-state solution.

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