Sliver of Poz

A friend I hadn’t seen for a while related to me his recent experience with employer-mandated racial equity training. Eight hours of it, in fact. I asked him how they managed to fill the time.
“By repeating themselves over and over.” He said. This was broken up by activities–for one, you sit in a group and answer loaded questions like “explain how you’re enriched by diversity”, etc.

They also showed cartoons:


My friend had recently abandoned the second-tier state school he was attending because of the ubiquity of political correctness and its fixation on denouncing white males and promoting transgenderism.
A lapsing SJW, he works for the sort of non-profit that foists this sort of thing on itself out of enthusiasm (and taxpayer subsidy) but says there’s a push to make this training mandatory throughout the private sector.

That might not be such a bad thing. This guy is in the process of being rapidly deluded by a process of excess indoctrination. Cultural conditioning–television, film, music–works by drips of suggestion and disingenuous cues. It never has to present itself in full and it never has to defend itself.

But when it’s brought out of subtext and to center stage for its big number, it’s very hard for the good people who just want to get along to ignore the insanity of it. I think I’m a big proponent of this training, and the more exposed to it the better.

Faster, harder.

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