3 thoughts on “Luke Ford’s Torah Talk Live

  1. Nah…I was pretty lame…Too bad my internet went to crap…BTW…I will give you the quick summary…Was a Normie-Cuck for most of my life…Started to get red pilled in May 2017 through Tara McCarthy, Millennial Woes, Greg Johnson and (((Luke Ford)))…Still on my journey…I am an electrical engineer that recently was a R&D software developer…Greg Johnson was the man who showed me the truth in white identity politics…I don't have the answers but I learn new insights everyday…Would like to talk again in the future…Hopefully I won't be as lame…


  2. I'm going to do some mid-week broadcasts, probably Wednesdays, around 7 Eastern. I'll send out an invite–no worries if you can't respond.We're talking about Mein Kampf again this Sunday.


  3. I haven't read Mein Kampf but I am interested in hearing the discussion…I don't want to be the fifth wheel…I would need prep or some idea what is going to be discussed…If it's just a live stream that is a stream of consciousness…That's cool but I'd hate to be on a stream and have little to offer…I jumped off the other day because I didn't want to mess with the (((Luke))), Casey and Dennis chemistry…I figured Luke was doing a \”call in\” show until the main topic of discussion…In another lifetime I did live streams all the time back in 2011-2012 but got burned out…It can be tiring…I don't want to see Luke or Enoch to get burned out…We need them out their on the semi regular…I can do a back and forth show but I'm a little rusty…If you want to send an invite…Great…If not…That's cool too…Just letting you know where I am…


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