Tariq’s Mystique

Luke Ford kindly lets me sit in on an impromptu broadcast. We talk about the Tariq Nasheed/Jared Taylor debate and other things.

Ride the Tiger@Dima A. Yes indeed, I concur I’m not AtomWaffen

Zed Dez@Andybaby Oh, and then non-Whites are their willing tools, just so they can kick black people around. Reminds me of how narcissists think – the world revolves around them.

Thomas BergmanWe Wuz Abolitionists

Privada MachinaThere’s no stopping the White awakening. Nobody is taking us serious, that is their mistake.

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Thomas BergmanHitler’s ghost might destroy all races for all time

resurrectionjose@Luke Ford — I like Nazi regalia — BUT — I try keeping the ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong’ types at arms length.

Privada MachinaI don’t agree, I actually think that it’s a tool to help break the spell

Zed Dez@Privada Machina That’s a good thing. It’ll sneak up on them…then surprise.

The bodyOh wah, black Americans are privileged and entitled and will even cry rayciss when their boss reprimands them and try to get their boss fired

Privada Machina@Zed Dez Indeed

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Greg Girardin‘Nazi’ is a fucking meme. Just like ‘racism’. just like ‘white supremacy’. It’s a word infused with meaning by people trying to influence white advocacy.

The bodyrayciss

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Andybabyto piss off the lefties

The bodyCave beast

Ride the TigerHail Caesar isn’t Heil Hitler

Zed DezOnly those who promote Pedophilia will have to offer their children up for the Pedo G_d.

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Man By_FireI’m Alt-Right, I’ve run for local office twice, and won twice. I do not respect “activists”, only those who run or help others run.

Danny Rosethat better be no sugar!

Ivy Wilkstariq nasheed proved his point

Privada MachinaThe thing is; once people understand what exactly happened in NatSoc Germany, the more upset they get. These are the best foot soldiers of the Alt-Right.

maurice robersonwho the fuck is these peckerwoods and the cave dweller Tariq was talking to early

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — I’m a KANGZ and need my vitamin B12 and caffeine shots. 😉

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

The bodyBlack racists all have the same shit they repeat to whites

Ride the TigerSingle Malt Scotch is the Alt-Scots beverage of choice

Andybabysaying ‘Heil’ is a declaration of ‘freedom’

The bodyBlacks are the jews toy

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose Better take you Vit D too.

Untethered TubeSo say “freedom”


Zed Dez@The body No truer words.

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez – I did that a few hours ago. Timed release capsule — and with calcium to boot. 😛

Untethered TubeSorry Luke, I had no idea it was you

Zed DezIt’s this simple, they didn’t want no darn Catholics!

Privada MachinaNobody takes Blacks serious, they are just too dumb. Our goal is to expose the Jewish manipulation, and in turn, free our people. They are wed, whether we like it or not.

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose You should email me your protocol. xD

Ride the TigerCould he even recognize you as Jew?

resurrectionjoseWE WUZ CATHO–LICKS!

AndybabyStep 1: The freedom to say ‘Heil’

Danny RoseI’m starting to agree with everything tariq nahsheeit says. It just makes sense from through a minority/lowish iq lens

Andybabyits nothing to do w Hitler


TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Andybabyits to do with not having your speech controlled

Man By_FireBeing openly pro-white is not anti-jew.

Andybabyjust doin what I do.


TAHARQA​[message deleted]


Zed Dez@TAHARQA India is two racial groups.

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Man By_FireBlack Panthers = communists terrorists


TAHARQA​[message deleted]

Danny Roseok, i don’t agree with tariq, but I understand it sucks to be the minority…

AndybabyQ: How do you guys define “white supremacy”?

Privada MachinaPeople that are superior never has to say it.

Privada Machinahave

Man By_FireStyx didn’t say that… he said he is no longer interested in engaging with the left, due to the anti-white racism and frothing insanity

TAHARQA​[message deleted]


Privada MachinaI don’t take you serious

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

AndybabyWhy insist on the term ‘supremacist’ when Taylor, Spencer etc NEVER describe themselves that way

TAHARQA​[message deleted]

resurrectionjoseSarGONE, Styx, et al. should just drop their swords, come on over to the ‘Alt-Right’, and all will be forgiven.

TexasorBustedStriker on Strike and Mike explains that this fight is between German Idealism and British Empiricism…The Skeptics™ talk like they are Scientists™…But they have a metaphysical belief in equality..

Danny RoseI define white supremacy as a term minorities use to explain differences in outcomes between the races that in reality are a product of evolution and group interest; not systematic racism…

TAHARQA​[message deleted]


Ride the TigerMikes a good goy I’ve followed him for the last two years & he acquitted himself with honor during & after the doxxing.

Privada MachinaBlacks just prove their inferiority by telling Whites that they’re supremacists. We don’t need to say it, Blacks tell us.

Ride the TigerI agree with luke

resurrectionjoseWhite Privilege. Hahahahahahaha!

Donovan WorlandYes, the elites can’t have a Grange Movement occur and create an uncontrollable “secret society” across the nation influencing ALL politics from the farm lands to the commerce zones.

Zed DezI hear everyday no one pays any attention to the Alt-right, but that the alt-lite are accomplishing feats of gargantuan import. LOL

Danny RoseIt wouldn’t be a question of inferiority if they could make choices for themselves…Greg Johnson says we oppress blacks by holding them to a white standard..I agree

Ride the TigerWhite Nationalism is the greatest threat to Transnationalist Progressivism & therefore has been public enemy #1 since the end of WWII.


AndybabyConsider the logic:

Zed Dez@Donovan Worland The Elites don’t want anyone else moving in on their “secret societies.”

Andybaby1. all seem to agree that Japanese are smarter than whites

Privada MachinaIMHO one of the best things to happen, was something as simple as the naming of our cause, the ‘Alt-Right’. It somehow validated it, and especially so when others say it. It gives us power

Privada MachinaIt’s hard to explain.

Zed Dez@Fiji Water My sentiments exactly. They’re a bore.

Andybaby2. wanting to live in a white society therefore is a preference to live in an ‘interior’ socirty

Ride the TigerAlt-Light + Weeesh, boring, commonplace.


Donovan WorlandI theorize “politics died with Hitler” is true because of the National Socialists recruited for the State Department and CIA, these various Europeans knew the importance of controlling the Parties.

Richard Morgandennis is a badass

Danny RoseI wish Richard Spencer didn’t have quite so much influence on how the alt-right label is interpreted…

Ride the TigerDennis the Menace

Donovan WorlandNow that politics is back…….notice the Bush Family won’t show up to any gatherings such as the RNC in Cleveland?

Ride the TigerOh ok

iippo@Luke Ford I have yet to see black washing of the ancient Finnish caste system. It’s almost like people only want to take credit for impressive parts of white history.

Privada MachinaRide the Tiger…good book

Zed Dez@Danny Rose Agree.

AndybabyMedia loves Spencer because he *looks* like a ‘Nazi’

resurrectionjose@TAHARQA — “3 subscribers • 26 views Joined Nov 20, 2013” Go check your Google+ account, and check out the penis I drew on your face. 😉

Danny RoseI need to read Evola.

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose Your killing me. LMFAO

Thomas BergmanHave you guys read anything by Julius Evola?

Ride the TigerYes, my screen name come from Julius Evola’s Ride the Tiger : A Survival Manual for Aristocrats of the Soul @Privada Machina

Privada MachinaI have yep

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — I aim’s to please. :::whistles:::

Donovan WorlandLike China will ban “pork buns” oh hell no.

Privada MachinaI read Ride the Tiger just a few months ago. It’s a deep read for sure.

Danny RoseAristocrats of the soul–cool

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose You just happened to pick the right whistle with the correct frequency. xD

iippoChina instituted martial law in Western China after Muslims started chimping out.

Privada MachinaBecause of their low IQ, Blacks would think it was written in a different language.

Danny Rose@Privada Machina deep meaningful or deep dense?

Daniel SturridgeSargon of Akkad vs Andrew Anglin on Saturday!

Ride the Tiger@Privada Machina Glad to see a younger generation catching up, I myself first read Evola 20 years ago

Privada MachinaBoth for sure

Thomas BergmanJulius Evola flips Marxism on its head and shows us how far we might have fallen throughout the centuries and millennia

Daniel SturridgeAre you reading the Eli Mosley article?

Privada MachinaIt’s a heavy read, at least it was for me. Perhaps I went into a little blind, but it’s well worth it.

Yehoishophot Oliverreportin on altright is exactly what they want

Danny RoseLove the Bowden speech on Evola. That guy is cosmic poet

Zed Dez@Privada Machina One of my textbooks in Chinese Medicine was entitled, “Ride the Tiger.” lol

Yehoishophot Oliverthese secular Jews aren’t showing their supposed high IQ in this regard

Donovan WorlandOh yes, “gang members” are just misunderstood, but Richard Spencer is one helmet away from being Dr. Doom or Cobra Commander. “Illegal immigrants” need understanding but nativists,the Sith of Earth!

Ride the Tiger@Zed Dez Lol, I’m not surprised,been exploring a lot of Chinese history recently

Danny RoseWhile the MSM plays dumb, we are building an army!

Andybaby@Dovovan Worland Good point!

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — I hacked into his account, but held off on drawing a penis cumming all over his mouth! 😉

Donovan WorlandThanks

Zed DezYou guys are the best! LMAO

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — But if he starts up with shite, I will definitely do it!

Thomas BergmanThey are afraid of the Aryan spirit!

FukU2222That stream was fucking golden man, absolute legendairy

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose LOLOLOL wish I could be a fly on the wall.

AndybabyI thought Jared Taylor would be here.. 😞

Ride the TigerHa me too that’s right around the time I found Pierce too

Privada Machina[1] “We are the ghosts of a war that we have not fought. Having opened our eyes οn a disenchanted world, we are more than any others the children οf the absurd.”

Privada Machina[2] Οn certain days, the senselessness οf the world weighs οn us like a deformity. It seems to us that God has died οf old age, and we exist without a goal. We are not embittered; we start from zero.

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — One of his photos measures 3,260px × 1,840px, and the ol’ boy has no nose hairs. Lucky him!

Privada Machina[3] We were born among the ruins. When we were born, the gold was already transmuted into lead.

Tail of SpenceI recently wiped 238 GB of porn from my hard drive. One of my best decisions.

Privada MachinaThat’s a quote from Ride the Tiger I saved. Brilliant

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose Maybe no nose hairs, but they suffer from constant ingrown hair.

Donovan WorlandI became hooked on Stuff Black People Don’t Like and Andy Nowicki……never came back, couldln’t un-know it all.

ILUA YF2012This chat is so much better than Baked Alaska’s

resurrectionjose@Tail of Spence — 238 GB! And you didn’t consult me???

iippo@Luke Ford Did you see that Washing Post article by some generic Stein complaining that Trump’s policies will delay whites becoming a minority for 5 years?

Thomas BergmanOnly we want to be free to build, create, and go beyond the dull craze of materialism

ILUA YF2012People sharing their opinions in a decent and educates ways

Danny Rose@Privada Machina My God, that’s beautiful.

resurrectionjose@Tail of Spence — Serious question: Was it any of it from ‘X-art?’

Thomas BergmanBaked Alaska plays to the market

Privada Machina@ILUA YF2012 I agree, some intelligent ppl here

iippooy vey

Thomas BergmanNietzsche said the market was full of fleas

Donovan WorlandJared Taylor at National Policy Institute was pretty amazing.

Privada Machina@Danny Rose Pretty wicked hey. I loved it rigth away.

Thomas BergmanAnd they suck your genius dry

Ride the TigerYes the Sailer/Taylor Debates we’re a seminal event in dissident right politics.

resurrectionjose@Luke Ford — Stick to your own kind brother. Birds of a feather flock together! ;0

Tail of Spence@resurrectionjose Nah it was all from spankbang. All free HD access. But porn is bad for one’s health and it had to go.

Danny Rose@Privada Machina yeah, think I’m gonna order it tonight.

Zed Dez@Privada Machina Some? Okay, time to pull out the IQ scores. xD

Richard Morgan(((MODAFINIL)))

ILUA YF2012Tree of Logic vs. Jared Taylor was so much better

Ride the TigerThe Bell Curve was my first intro to IQ

iippoJared Taylor is a thot repellent.

Privada MachinaGood to hear. A lot of it is big brained, but the gems you pull out of it, was well worth it.

AndybabyMr Taylor needs to go viral

Thomas BergmanI turned into a race realist when I realized that it wasn’t crazy to be a normal white person

Privada MachinaI still have notes on it. Nerdo Alerto lol

resurrectionjose@Tail of Spence — I agree for the most part. But there is some “decent” porn (I prefer the word “erotica”) out there. I”m more into lovey-dovey stuff, i.e., one guy and one girl. Vanilla sex. 😃

Danny RoseI’m definitely in the closet but, building arguments against the inevitable push back


Zed Dez@iippo Hey there. Okay, give me the low down on THOT. Does it mean The Hoe Over There?

Man By_FireWe are demonized at birth. White male heterosexual masculine power is the target.

Danny RoseIt’s not the dark side, it’s the light

Danny RoseIt’s what is most beneficial to the most people

Privada MachinaIndeed

Untethered TubePreach it Luke

Ride the TigerI’ve fell to the Darkside as a Lad -a Sith Shitlord born kicking & screaming.

Privada MachinaIt’s inevitable that we wake up from this slumber. We are destined, that is self evident.

Donovan WorlandRace Realism came along just as I started to return to Christianity, suddenly, the tremendous miracle it is that we dont’ tear each other apart became clear.Nations need time to mature.

gjjdwhat was so hilarious about the JT vs TN debate? I didn’t see it

iippo@Zed Dez Yes

resurrectionjose@Tail of Spence — I’m no consumer of “porn” or expert on adult stuff, but I reckon more than 85% of it is just plain garbage. For example, a girl getting porked by several guys. :::rolls eyes:::

Andybabyre the “No Porn” thing, are you guys concerned about: A: Porn, B: masturbation, or C: ejaculating?

Zed Dez@Privada Machina Agree. I’ve told those who suggest they’re just simple normal folk, they are no such thing because they chose to rise to the occasion. I’ve never had a problem with not being normal.

gjjd@Andy I think the big issue is the porn, actually, though Luke really cares about masturbation

resurrectionjose@Luke Ford – You put it better than most Christians I know of either personally or the written word.

Zed DezYep

AndybabySo is the issue porn, or masturbation?

Privada MachinaWell said Zed

resurrectionjose@Luke Ford — Hmmmm, it was cigarette smokers! 😃

MaximilianTariq is fascinating he has seriously claimed that Alexander Pushkin was black.

gjjd@Andybaby maybe we can converse about it another time when there is more time

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcastjared was horrible

Danny RoseNiggas crack me up

Richard MorganCan you meet women in AA?

Andybabylol, ok

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcasttariq was bad too but his foundation was correct

resurrectionjoseWhat … the .. FUDGE!?!?! :::LOL:::

Danny Rosehmmm

Ride the TigerWhat about 1/8 don’t people understand, oh right, nogs can’t think in fractals.

Privada MachinaPushkin was Black her said. Oy Veh

Zed Dez@Luke Ford In the future consider the subject Phonetic Vibration for discussion?

Danny Rosebetter to not get laid than sleep with bad women

resurrectionjoseWords to the wise … what you deny by day you will dream of by night. 😃

Donovan WorlandAnxiety, the human condition is in anxiety and that “fear” is misunderstood, why we are nervous. The virtues and contemplating God is what the past has left for us, to assuage despair. Despair not.

Tail of SpenceThank you for the advice Luke. One of my main issues was all the adderral I was taking for engineering classes. Since I quit adderral and my classes, my addiction is almost wholly cured.

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcastppl of color ruled the world for centuries

Andybaby(so screw them in private)

Zed Dez@Ride the Tiger Do you think its OCD to think and perceive patterns everywhere?

Man By_FireWomen who are proud to be seen with you will attract more women who want to be seen with you.

iippo@Luke Ford You have talked about Northern Europeans evolving in an environment that required trust, but East Asians evolved in similar conditions, but they are more tribal & less trusting. Why?

Danny Rose@Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcast that’s nice, can we just rule our own worlds, separately?

resurrectionjose@Tail of Spence — That’s great man.

Andybaby…slim pickings out there dudes

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcastdanny.. i wish we could. i would love to live without white ppl

Danny Roseword

Donovan Worland@iippo I of course can’t speak for Luke but the regions are named after the natural barriers of the rivers. It seems from my studies of China, they are bound by natural geographical barriers.

resurrectionjose@Luke Ford — It’s funny you mentioned that story. I had a similar experience decades ago like that person you spoke of; though I didn’t “bang her” too much afterward because of certain standards.

Ride the Tiger@Zed Dez Nah, patterns are abundant in nature & the ability to recognize them had survival advantage thru much of human history only becoming a liability in contemporary time due to War on Noticing

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcastthis guy doesnt know what he is talkin bout😂😂

Andybabythis makes sense

Zed Dez@Ride the Tiger Spent most of my time in nature as a child. Started to have dreams telling me to look for correspondences, and that that was the key to understanding the universe. Weird?

THE BE-CODE@Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcast WHAT YOU DOIN OVER HERE

Donovan WorlandAaaah…..great way of putting that….yes, in China a family might live in a “village” for hundreds of years. While Belgium and Netherlands were recently founded in a sense. Gotcha.

resurrectionjose@Zed Dez — Another bozo in the ‘Live Chat’ I can hack. :::whistles:::

iippoGreat stuff.

Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcastlol. be code. i left bc u started talkim bout hair

Zed Dez@resurrectionjose You make me proud!


Tha Truth Hurts with Will Podcasti apprecaite the video guys!

Donovan WorlandLilah Tov

professor farnsworthdamn jews

Zed DezRabbi are you still here?

Privada MachinaLater goys

Danny RoseLater y’all

Andybabycya ppl

Yehoishophot Oliveryes

Zed DezLove you All!

Thomas BergmanGood night


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