Torah Notes

Tomorrow’s guest on Luke Ford’s Torah Talk is E. Michael Jones. He’s founder and editor of Culture Wars magazineHere he is on YouTube

Livestreaming at 9:00 AM Pacific on Luke’s Channel.

Tomorrow’s Torah portion is Yitro, Exodus 18:1 to 20:23.

Jones is a Catholic traditionalist who critiques the Judaism of the Babylonian Talmud as practiced today as a satanic bastard of the original faith committed to the destruction of Christendom through usury and cultural degeneration. He believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and rejects the theory of evolution and, it appears, theoretical physics, as un-empirical.

This from the ADL:

E. Michael Jones is a Catholic writer who seeks to defend traditional Catholic teachings and values from those he perceives as seeking to undermine them. At various times such diverse groups as Protestants, urban planners, and moviemakers have been the subjects of his ire, but a longstanding obsession of Jones is the damage that he believes Jews are inflicting on the Catholic Church and western civilization.

E. Michael Jones is an anti-Semitic Catholic writer who promotes the view that Jews are dedicated to propagating and perpetrating attacks on the Catholic Church and moral standards, social stability, and political order throughout the world. He portrays the Jewish religion as inherently treacherous and belligerent towards Christianity. He describes Jews as “outlaws and subversives [who use] religion as a cover for social revolution,” and claims that Judaism possesses “a particularly malignant spirit.” Jones also imagines the contemporary world, with its social ills, as having been cast in the imprint of Judaism, characterizing 21st-century civilization as “a Jewish world run on commercial principles.” He also identifies this “Jewish modernity” as representing “blood, the law, calculation, and hate.”

Jones has written about what he describes as the deliberate ethnic cleansing of white Catholic neighborhoods, Polish, Irish and Italians, being chased from Detroit by imported black “proxy warriors”.
When blacks brought up from the South to work in the auto factories during World War II were housed in white Catholic parishes by Jewish and WASP social engineers, the inevitable ensuing white flight–Catholic flight–broke the power of Catholics, just as designed he argues in his book Slaughter of Cities.

He sees the blackening of Detroit as the deliberate work of Jews and WASPs to take down the Catholics in the “tripartite” struggle between these three groups that dominated America until recently.
Jones credits Catholic power with keeping a lid on social decay, exemplified by the old decency codes it imposed on Jewish Hollywood.

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