Luke Ford’s Alt Right Torah Talk Live

Greg Conte didn’t make it.. Today’s Torah portion would have been Parashas Bo (Exodus 10:1 to 13:16), but we didn’t get around to it.
Luke’s Youtube channel.
First question: Why do we have to take those from the now proverbial shit hole countries?
9:44 Correction: I mis-identified the Episcopalians in Portland as hanging a Black Lives Matter banner. It is the (who else?) Unitarians downtown.
10:30 Casey’s religious journey down south and the Protestant poz.

14:18 Casey challenges Luke’s Jewish supremacy, invites him to a tradition of radical inclusion and love.
Chat transcript below the fold (Luke is not the guy who hit Dennis up for money).

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ Trump’s shithole comment and IQ differences

Cristan Aldo ​if you dont like trump than who voted for hin

Cristan Aldo​h im bruhh

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ dude everyone here agrees with what he said. If you’re a troll, GTFO

mattrins​ Hi Luke… Open Borders for Israel?

Greg Girardin ​The current pope is a pathetic shitlib.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ Casey is right, the Cardinal here in Chicago is just as bad as the Pope,
my priest even tells me to avoid the Archdiocese

Greg Girardin​ Christianity is not helping to preserve Christendom.

mattrins​ Greg – agreed. This Pope thinks that the messiah is Karl Marx

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? ​based Ann

Greg Girardin​Yeah mattrins, lots of exploiting Christian morality to open the borders kinda stuff.

Adam Smith​ Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message Adam Smith was hidden by Luke Ford.

mattrins​I was raised a Catholic. I have had problems with popes before, but never thought that they were actually bad people.

Greg Girardin​Ann’s woke on the JQ, the Overton window is narrow when you’re high up in the punditosphere.

Cristan Aldo​[message retracted]

mattrins​But this Pope… terrible

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Francis is at least a Marxist, prob even a heretic

Greg Girardin​Same here mattrins, implementing the current pope’s policies would destroy

Christianity… tells you something.

Fitzcarraldo Pizza​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

mattrins​I agree with the neoreactionaries in the sense that when peasants were able to read the bible
in their own language rather than through the priestly filter of Latin

mattrins​Every man became his own determiner of doctrine

Fitzcarraldo Pizza​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

mattrins​So you could have someone questioning the morality of destroying the enemy, for example

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@mattrins Joel Osteen did nothing wrong

Greg Girardin​Well the printing press is probably the technology that created Protestantism. I don’t care about that. I care if Christianity is a force for preserving the West.

mattrins​I think we can agree that “Christian Zionism” is an abomination. Hagee’s cult etc

Untethered Tube​Seeds of Albion

Greg Girardin​True mattrins. I wasn’t woke to all this stuff until recently so I only saw Hagee’s
stupidity as “dumb fundy stuff but Israel is a liberal democracy so it’s cool”. Jesus I was uninformed.

mattrins​Speaking of Jesus

mattrins​Jesus needs to be put in context. Once you understand Jesus’ struggle against Jewish power
you will never look at Him the same again

johnnie anon​jesus the last good jew

Greg Girardin​haha.. that’s the most Boomer statement ever..

mattrins​Sanhedrin = ADL or SPLC

mattrins​Exactly the same

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​We tend to blame our parents for everything, but shouldn’t a lot of the blame go to our grandparents, too? They let it happen

Pesh Head​Barry Chamish — it’s the labour zionists fault

mattrins​Can’t blame the boomers because they didn’t do the 1965 immigration act

mattrins​That was “the greatest generation”, right?

Greg Girardin​ADL/SPLC/ACLU as the Sanhedrin is an interesting analogy mattrins. I’ll think about that.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@mattrins yup, what a joke

Pesh Head​never mind America, this been going on looong

johnnie anon​free speech pushed degenerate pornography but we werent allowed a rally

mattrins​What Luke is talking about is effectively Jesus’ problem with the Jews

mattrins​Jesus confronted the dual morality

mattrins​Also the nascent talmudic theology

Pesh Head​hindsight pathologising

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ great point, problem is the RCC stopped preaching this after Vatican II

Greg Girardin​Holy shit @Luke Ford, that’s the best explanation of the JQ I’ve ever heard.

Pesh Head​cos they knew all about the Jews

johnnie anon​fuck me youve been doing nothing but try to change america

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Luke Ford Talk about the obvious!

Pesh Head​doesn’t look primitive now does it

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Muslims are the same way, the rules only apply to fellow believers

James Edward​Yep the Jews are hiding behind there religion

Greg Girardin​God damn, Luke is dropping steel red pills here.

Pesh Head​Anglos worshipped Jews & they skill got back stabbed

Martin Schulz​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

James Edward​Greg. Luke is great. A lot to learn from

mattrins​Nothing is new under the sun. Look at past Jewish controversies, and they are no different to the controversies today. Even when Jews blame Christianity for anti-Jewish sentiment, look at pre-

Martin Schulz​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

johnnie anon​the goy are racist but we made a religion out of our race

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​this is why we need to renegotiate our contract with Jews, they’re not

holding up their end

mattrins​Christian Rome and see that the pagans Romans also have problems with Jews

mattrins​Cicero denounced them

gjjd​I think we will need to start banning some people here

James Edward​Martin you get the gas chamber

Pesh Head​history repeats itself, tragic really

Martin Schulz​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message Martin Schulz was hidden by
Luke Ford.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd what’s up brah, cold af these days but I like it

Pesh Head​rag trade

James Edward​Hahaha crack

Pesh Head​white slavery

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​it’s too cold for negroes to carjack people

gjjd​Hi Pepe, I’m doing well, life is simple now that I’m out of school. Did you see the Jewish candidate for AG get jacked during a speech?

Pesh Head​Jews stole Hollywood

James Edward​Ford hated Jews. Hahah 👍🏻

James Edward​But he was right.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​no, AG where, in IL?

johnnie anon​they got their revenge with the ford foundation

Pesh Head​screwed over Edison

Untethered Tube​ The Jews won WWll

James Edward​Yep. Sucks.

mattrins​@Untethered Tube YES. The only winners of WW2

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis pretty much

gjjd​@pepe check out “Candidate for Illinois attorney general robbed at gunpoint”

Greg Girardin​Now @Luke Ford is dropping black pills. I’m going to drink beer and watch football.

Pesh Head​Super Moon great book

gjjd​Poor Aaron Goldstein got jumped by some precious yoofs while giving a speech

Pesh Head​*Super Mob, sorry

Untethered Tube​stick around Greg

James Edward​I would like to have all the Jews purged from the US and sent to Israel. Than we nuke israel.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Christopher Cantwell has many Jewish callers/Listeners… this channel should be another show helping to bring Jewish people to fight against their corrupt Leaders.

Pesh Head​Gus Russo: Supermob — how Sidney Korshak & his criminal associates became

America’s power brokers

Pesh Head​follow the $

gjjd​Jews just want money and status

gjjd​Like Indians and Asians, but more extreme

mattrins​@BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett Oh yeah, Cantwell calling them kike parasites is really

gonna bring these Jews in

James Edward​Luke please red pill Casey

James Edward​Luke is my favorite Jew

Pesh Head​secular Jews, converso’s were doing same before Holocaust

Josh Austin​Hey James do you speak on behalf of all loving Christians?

James Edward​Josh no

Josh Austin​Oh just some then I guesss

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd just read it, when they don’t describe the suspects you know it’s negroes. Finally these leftists are getting a taste of their own medicine

Aeschylus Jones​Jews want money but more importantly they want the power that comes with the money…

Josh Austin​Who doesnt?

Pesh Head​and never once think what part they played in this hostility

mattrins​Luke – therein lies the problem. Is there any conflict between Jews and non-Jews that Jews

blame the Jews for? The answer is no.

marmalade hoverfly​they’re moon people christians are sun people

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@mattrins The Alt-Right does NOT need any Jewish ‘members.’ But
it would be nice if they could organize themselves to Leave us the fuck alone.

James Edward​Bradley is right

johnnie anon​most of it is exaggerated to put it mildly, just a way for elite jews to keep control

Pesh Head​they did kill yeshua lol

Josh Austin​Hey Pesh if Jesus didnt get killed by the Jews, then what should have happened to Jesus?

Pesh Head​I don’t really give a shit tbh

James Edward​Casey please wake up. You need to swallow the red pill not the pink one.

Josh Austin​Isnt his “sacrifuce” what Christianity is supposed to be all about?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The Holocaust is the lynchpin of our current malaise. Germar Rudolf and others have paved the way
mattrins​Sure – Pro-white Jews can be “allies”. We will treat them like the PoC treat their “white allies”

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​forward


Pesh Head​but Jews do celebrate the fact

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​34 watching, damn

Josh Austin​Celebrate what fact?

Untethered Tube​the numbers go up when I don’t talk

Pesh Head​that they killed Jesus and he’s boiling in faeces

James Edward​Yes we are.

Josh Austin​Pesh – Jews dont give a f*ck about that

mattrins​The horrifying thing about “the holocaust” is not that it didn’t happen, but that it reveals the level of psychological projection affecting Jews. It means that they will gas us.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis correlation or causation? LOL
gjjd​Great take home point, Caleb, our identity and desire to promote our interests needs to be unconcious

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Untethered Tube …..YEP!

James Edward​Theses conversations are better than going to church on Sundays.

Pesh Head​Why they spit on priests in Jerusalem, why their Talmud celebrate it. Jews hate

Christianity with a passion

Untethered Tube​I’m going to see if we can get to 50
gjjd​”principles over interests,” I argue, is not just Anglo-Saxon. It is the nature or morality itself.

Anglos just were more philosophically advanced than others
johnnie anon​i want to see a movie about the bolsheviks genociding goys

James Edward​Johnnie is right


Greg Girardin​Somebody edit @Luke Ford ‘s genius pills in this vid into a little clip.. maybe I will.
God damn, this is stuff I didn’t learn until I was 45.

Pesh Head​Juri Lina – under the sign of the scorpion

Untethered Tube​Sorry Brad, coming in hard in a minute.

Untethered Tube​Stalin wasn’t even native Russian

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​he was Georgian

Pesh Head​he out Jewed the Jews

James Edward​I feel that communism was developed by Jews as a tool to brake up the political system that they don’t belong too? Am I wrong?
mattrins​Jews can control the thesis – antithesis – and synthesis by taking all sides on an issue. Think on the number of times that you have turned on the TV to see 4 Jews taking different sides of a debate

johnnie anon​go to admit stalin did kill the top hebrews in the end

Josh Austin​Pesh – ask a Jew if theyve even heard about that and most will not even know – so much murder and abuse has occurred to the Jews at the hands of Christians –
Josh Austin​you dont think politics are a factor more so than theology?

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Untethered Tube …. Please feel free to NOT HOLD BACK!
mummylambs​I can see Dennis prepping the Zyklon

Pesh Head​Really? so much? why so much hostility, did they ever stop and ask? kinda unprecedented. how many countries is it, 120?
James Edward​Casey come on man

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@mummylambs Hahahahaha

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke is Greg coming on or what?

Untethered Tube​Greg is a no-show so far

Josh Austin​Well Pesh - ever heard of racism? Ask a black person

Greg Girardin​Who is Greg? Greg Johnson?

Pesh Head​Of course it was politics, economics. Ukrainian peasants never read the talmud

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Greg Conte from NPI

Greg Girardin​Thanks Pepe.

Untethered Tube​Greg Conte, recently fired for involvement in alt right

johnnie anon​is that the gay greg

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Johnnie is thinking of Grinder Greg Johnson

Josh Austin​Pesh – you need to repent to G-d for your hatred

Pesh Head​I’m not saying it was just religion. Martin Luther was pro-Jewish most his life until he was finally red pilled

mattrins​@johnnie anon No, its not Grindr Greg

James Edward​Pepe hahh

johnnie anon​phew

mummylambs​There seems to be not nearly as much push back when it comes to openly criticizing
gypsies as a group

Josh Austin​Martin Luther was a raging anti-semite

Pesh Head​No hate braddah, just realistic

James Edward​Goyim

Pesh Head​yes but why was he

mattrins​@Pesh Head He was pro-Jewish until he actually got to know some Jews and learn Hebrew. After that he wrote “The Jews and their lies”

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Untethered Tube and I bet it will work out great beyond his imagination….. THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY

Yehoishophot Oliver​Hi
Luke Ford​George Soros breaks nation-states apart and makes money doing it.
Luke Ford​hi rabbi

Pesh Head​exactly Mattrins

gjjd​let’s make sure to point out that Jewish kids are INCREDIBLY confident. They love being the
center of attention, and people follow them, from my experience

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rabbi shalom, it’s been awhile

Yehoishophot Oliver​😃

Yehoishophot Oliver​I came to learn love

Luke Ford​great

Josh Austin​because like most cultures they were angry that Jews were successful on their terms – thats always been the reason for antisemitism
gjjd​we are definitely nothing but love here, no antipathy here

Pesh Head​they were just jealous right

Yehoishophot Oliver​Jews in Israel have the same tendency to be overly “moral” at their own expense vis-a-vis arabs

Pesh Head​never been other successful people like Heugenots. 120 countries ffs, jealousy?

mattrins​@Josh Austin Not true. For example, the anti-Goy sections of the Talmud also resulted in anti-Jewish sentiment, to the extent that Talmuds were legally revised to remove those sections in the past

gjjd​agree Rabbi re Israel, this is not just an Anglo thing, it is morality itself. Morals are by nature imperatives, you are supposed to follow them even when it hurts

Josh Austin​Mattrins you think Hitler gave a f*ck about the Talmud? Please

James Edward​Yep 👍🏻

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Luke Ford There is definitely no hate on here, but we’re more interested in FACTS. If ‘facts’ means Love, then yes
Josh Austin​otr are you a Holocaust denier too?
johnnie anon​who thought of “white privilege”

Pesh Head​Hitler just experienced Weimar Germany. That seemed to be enough

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Luke Ford …. let’s learn about ‘Love’

gjjd​Any black person in America will look at whites and see privilege, especially back in the day when tv and movies were more white normative

James Edward​Luke is right.

Pesh Head​Tragic history repeats itself — Weimerica

johnnie anon​shit all women must be the same

mattrins​@Josh Austin talking about the history. Not going to engage in Hitlerium ad absurdum

Pesh Head​Weisrael

James Edward​He probably knows you see a jew.

Josh Austin​So Pesh are you saying that Jesus would have approved of the Holocause?
Yehoishophot Oliver​I agree, Jews in Israel are greatly influenced by these Anglo self-destroying values

johnnie anon​utopia x is a good book

Pesh Head​I’m no Christian braddah

mummylambs​The Goyim’s revenge! Hail Greg Conte!

Greg Girardin​No, not showing up is not priorities. It’s being a dick.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I agree with Luke, Greg should at least give a shout to cancel

Daniel Sturridge​when’s greg ritter coming?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​He’s not ^

Pesh Head​But I doubt he’d have been happy. turn the other cheek n all that
mattrins​Professor Kevin MacDonald points out that Jews will generally not admit that there are conflicts of interests between Jews and non-Jews (because its an insoluble problem)

James Edward​Casey your childhood friend betrayed you. Gas him. Hahah

Aeschylus Jones​Invite Brother Nathaniel Kepner on

gjjd​You have to develop your Jewdar. For example, I knew immediately steve miller was jewish just by looking at him

Greg Girardin​haha.. as a kid I remember the “yellow stars” thing. Thought it was insane. Now I get it.

Yehoishophot Oliver​I saw Pinker–it was great for a lefie

mattrins​@Josh Austin Define the holocaust

James Edward​Greg me too. Hahah

Daniel Sturridge​One of the reasons i became redpilled was because I had a friend from basketball and football who was a kang

Greg Girardin​Pinker is pretty honest for a jewish academic. I like him.
johnnie anon​he forgot to say the institutions hide the truth

Josh Austin​Wow Mattrins - I guess that question says it all

James Edward​What is kang

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Daniel real life is quickly red pilling whites more than we think IMHO

johnnie anon​and lie

mattrins​If you think a “yellow star” is insane, just think of how useful a yellow star would be when you see someone write “fellow white people” on Twitter
mattrins​Although the blue checkmark is close to a yellow star these days

Greg Girardin​Which genocide is it illegal to deny? Armenian? Holodomor? Rwandan?
Pesh Head​History can’t be summed up in one marketing label
johnnie anon​you are coming thru good

Daniel Sturridge​one thing the kang told me was that all white people have monkey blood. ‘rh blood.’ it seems true

Josh Austin​Actually it can

Aeschylus Jones​Ask Henry Macow to be on…a redpilled jew
mummylambs​Pinker still probably knows we are right, but will at least help to elevate the level of discussion from simply calling someone a “raycisss” to actually making an argument.

mattrins​@Josh Austin I can’t agree to something that lacks a definition. Are you talking human soap, shrunken heads and lampshades here? Because that was what I was taught growing up

Pesh Head​like ‘al nakba’?

Josh Austin​I never heard about the shruken heads – will have to look that one up

James Edward​Casey you really need to join the Alt-Right

johnnie anon​they hate us

James Edward​They hate us

Josh Austin​My grandfather’s family was murdered – does that count?
Pesh Head​Al nakba

johnnie anon​he’s ready for a high promotion

mattrins​@Define murder. No, seriously. Were they engaged in militant activities?

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Europe is and always has been defacto ‘Diverse’

Josh Austin​no the lived in Germany and were Jews – still not clear? Programmabilities​zog

Casey R. Pratt​James the alt-right is racist!

Pesh Head​war is hell

Josh Austin​as is genocide

James Edward​Casey loving your own is not racist. It is normal.

Pesh Head​yep

mattrins​@Josh Austin So they were gassed in the gas chambers?

Pesh Head​lotta genocide in WWII

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Casey R. Pratt Racist?!!! Have I been missing something?!

Pesh Head​and before

Pesh Head​the allies – Europeans, Americans did fight the Nazis didn’t they?

James Edward​Luke can you tell Casey that the Alt-Right is not racist.

mummylambs​No James, it is racist, but being racist is normal and healthy

James Edward​Mummy hhaha

Pesh Head​my ancestors fought Hitler braddah

Pesh Head​Grandfather in RAF

Luke Ford​James, he’s kidding

James Edward​Hahaha Luke is pissed.

James Edward​Luke. Ok. I figured he was trolling me. Hahah

Yehoishophot Oliver​Luke, I think that idea is very relevant to the immigration question

Aeschylus Jones​The alt right believes that white culture has a right to survive and is intregal to the advancement of mankind…if thats racist oh well

Pesh Head​I hate poor time keeping. waster
mummylambs​Casey has taken the true redpill. He has taken the position of disagreeing with Jews no matter what hey say. Even if it initially appears to be correct

James Edward​Luke take questions from the chat.

Yehoishophot Oliver​mixed cultures create confusion and disappointment

Vault Right​The goy cries out as he misses ur torah talk

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​It’s been a GREAT STREAM… have to go. Please give me some feedback on the latest video on my channel [of the same name] Thank you, DEUS VULT

Untethered Tube​The Goy cries out in pain as he pretends to strike you

Pesh Head​are wasters lol

Yehoishophot Oliver​that’s more yekke Jews than eastern european Jews
mummylambs​Alt-right Torah and infowars are my main sources of Political info.
mummylambs​thanks guys

James Edward​Bard later

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rabbi This. Healthy separation would alleviate much of our current problems

Yehoishophot Oliver​yes I agree

Aeschylus Jones​The Andy Warski chats are good and entertaining and informative

James Edward​Luke has abandonment issues.

Luke Ford​yes

Pesh Head​Alt Right used to be a big tent

James Edward​I have rejection issues.

mattrins​@mummylambs I stopped watching Alex Jones when we absurdly claimed that the Ay-rabs run Hollywood

J. Smith​Answer: Becuase Frankfurt School.

Pesh Head​easy for you to say lol

mummylambs​They admittedly don’t provide good counter arguments to the Alt-right. Casey’s points today were a better critique than has been made on Warski

Greg Girardin​I don’t know if Race Warski is particularly serious about all this stuff, but I respect him following his free speech principals to talk to people like JF and Spencer.

Pesh Head​why can’t other ppl live in multicult but not me

J. Smith​It’s more about high IQ than marginality, as Steven Pinker recently noticed.

mummylambs​@mattrins I was kidding. I rarely watch alex anymore. He still holds a special place for me though. I will never disavow

James Edward​Greg are you Alt-Right?

Pesh Head​”some” — been to Londonistan lately

Vault Right​Casey- because losing your ancestral land is a really bad thing

Greg Girardin​Hi James. Yes.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​boring is good, trust me

James Edward​Greg you the man 👍🏻

J. Smith​The synthesis is the Coundehove-Kalergi plan – a multiracial, brownish, 90 IQ people to be ruled over by Jews.

mattrins​Benefits from other races only accrue when these others do not set the tone. That means limited numbers, no citizenship, clear limitations, etc

Pesh Head​it’s a bit more than “some” multicult, it’s a fckn invasion

James Edward​Greg what state do you live in?

Pesh Head​#TheGreatReplacement

James Edward​The Great Awakening

James Edward​Yep 👍🏻

Greg Girardin​@James Edward New Hampshire.

Pesh Head​blood&soil

James Edward​We have to fight

J. Smith​Those behaviors (monoracial societies) are pathological in Whites but not minority races or Jews – according to the Jews that wrote The Authoritarian Personality.

James Edward​Greg. Nice I am from Southern California aka Northern Mexico

James Edward​Luke is right.

Aeschylus Jones​multiculturalism doesn’t work period…its never worked anywhere at anytime

James Edward​Does Denise have kids? If not than why not?

Greg Girardin​Yes. Tolerating gays is ok, tolerating degeneracy is degenerate.

James Edward​Aeschylus is right

Sarah Benoit​If it there isn’t an ethno state there is no future.

johnnie anon​the jews always push it too far in the end and we always regain equilibrium, no matter how many low iqs they import together we are unbeatable

Sarah Benoit​Diversity is not a destiny.

Aeschylus Jones​90% white 10% other

J. Smith​Luke: “I think the advantages of homogeneity are perfectly obvious” then we need to discuss how is it exactly that the left can seemingly win the discussion despite obviousness.

Pesh Head​Robert Putnam — Diversity & Trust

Luke Ford​it’s all unmarried hipsters who don’t have children that thrive in cosmopolitan areas — everyone who has children wants a suburb. We need to make family the dominant paradigm.

Greg Girardin​@James Edward I bet places like San Diego are awesome, but CA is the poster child for shitlib policies destroying a paradise.

mattrins​The early zionists forced Jews to become farmers specifically because Jews refused to do so

James Edward​Luke is right. Great comment

Pesh Head​Bowling alone — America’s declining social capital — Robert Putnam

J. Smith​Luke: “everyone who has children wants a suburb” I see increasingly more people having children and leaving them on daycare while both parents work. they are creating the next generation of leftists

J. Smith​work in the city, I mean.

mattrins​@Luke Ford I would bet that having a family with young children also correlates to lack of

tolerance for homos and trannies

James Edward​Greg it is bad. All my brothers want to move out of here. Whites became a minority in California in 2013.

Aeschylus Jones​I live in Cali and it gets steadily worse year by year…its big brother central and poisonous to the rest of the states

James Edward​Yep Jones.

gjjd​family is a tacky thing for dumb goys who can’t do interesting things with ourselves

James Edward​Casey is right.

Grunteater​hey guys

Pesh Head​Cos they’re children

J. Smith​in NYC many liberal parents are both working parents who leave their kids on daycare or dayschool and only see them at night.

James Edward​Grun are you Alt-Right?

Aeschylus Jones​I love being next to the ocean but most of the states next to the ocean are teeming with lefties

Greg Girardin​Well James, at least northern CA isn’t turning into Mexico. It’s turning into China / India.

mattrins​Muh good schools!

Grunteater​Cassie is more handsome with hair grown as opposed to shaven

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​family requires self-sacrifice, introspection and long-term thinking. The current paradigm encourages the exact opposite

mummylambs​Wow Casey. You are a disgusting human being

James Edward​Greg. Ya you can’t win here if you are white.

J. Smith​Unfortunately some Whites have even been convinced that they can raise their children by seeing them only at night and letting them grow up with other kids in daycare/school.

James Edward​Daniel is right.

Pesh Head​In my area I see kids on way to swimming pool & it’s spot the white kid

J. Smith​Casey, I wish you were right that white parents would instinctively seek the suburbs but unfortunately that is not what I see.

mummylambs​Michael Savage always used to say Families are the building block of civilization

Grunteater​The Rabbi’s always conversates with other bachurim (Bachelors) when I’m at the Shabbat table but she ignores me and pays me no attention

Pesh Head​child abuse sending kid into multicult school

Greg Girardin​James, my last job was a 40% Indian SV company based out of Santa Clara. Great people, but I don’t want to be demographically replaced by them.

mattrins​How many white women really are taking up with black men though? I have seen it, but I have asked many white women and virtually all have denied that they would **** a black guy

Pesh Head​fat white women

Grunteater​The most she does is offer cholent when I could easily get it myself

James Edward​My grandma told me back in the day they had segregated pools. Black not allowed. That would be so cool to live in that society

mummylambs​I’m sure if you framed the question in another way they would say they would date a black guy. They don’t want conflict with

johnnie anon​how much holocaust education are you subjected to in america
mattrins​When I was overseas there were white people calling black Africans “African American”. Its retarded

Pesh Head​teachers for the rope lol

James Edward​Girls that I know that have black boyfriend do it to piss there parents off

Greg Girardin​Stay at home wife + homeschooling.

mummylambs​I would disown

NyandUsaPolitics​i found this channel somehow 2 days ago watching jewish 911 conspiracy

Grunteater​She is always looking so attentively to my friend who I leave anonymous. He is two years older than me, is from a multi miillainore dollar family (Just like her) is a university graduate and is curren

Pesh Head​there a lot of it near me but in a way I don’t blame these girls. so many soy boys these days

Grunteater​And is currently studying in one of the top yeshivahs in the world to become a Rabbi

James Edward​Ny hahah. Luke will red pill you.

gjjd​white males in cities are hard to distinguish from gay men

Grunteater​I will never forgive her for Simi fishing me

Pesh Head​exactly gjjd

NyandUsaPolitics​i already know all this stuff but just hes chatting i guess

James Edward​Casey is right.
mummylambs​Black masculinity (or really non-white masculinity) is acceptable. White masculinity is “toxic”.

Grunteater​I can’t wait till I love from this neighborhood and will never see her again EVER

Aeschylus Jones​Blonde in the Belly of the Beast has a good vid about the slim pickins when it comes to white women

James Edward​Mummy is right

Pesh Head​white men have a lot to answer for too. the traitors I hate most

NyandUsaPolitics​i am a gradute student so i cant protest of i will get kicked out of college, im in statistics 500 level

gjjd​bc what is masculinity anyways? It is certainly related to dominance, and can whites dominate
anymore? If so, what do we do once we dominate? Confidently serve non-whites a la Trudeau?

gjjd​…we dominate to serve? Oxymoron!

James Edward​(((Pro diversity)))

NyandUsaPolitics​all internships ask are you a woman, black or underrepresented group, If answer is no you are white you get no job

gjjd​…therefore, no masculinity for white males

mattrins​I don’t know what the names of the people on the stream are except for Luke, but the guy with the glasses obviously hasn’t heard of Wakanda, the black African advanced country

mummylambs​Yeah, I guess we are just bored, and unconsciously creating a bad situation to give ourselves a challange

Untethered Tube​I’m emigrating to Wakanda. As soon as it becomes real

Sarah Benoit​they have seized the language

mummylambs​Anyone else notice Casey’s argument’s are better when he has the blanket?

mattrins​@Untethered Tube Its as real as the holocaust. If you believe it, its real

Untethered Tube​If you believe, it is not a dream, as the man said

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@mummy 😆

Pesh Head​Their reaction to Trump is unhinged

James Edward​We win by fighting them until the death

Grunteater​So many Jews died because of Judaism

gjjd​The left wins because of my earlier comments about morality. Morality is about doing what’s
right even when you don’t want to, even when it hurts

Grunteater​If it weren’t for Judaism , those Jews wouldn’t have been tortured and raped and murdered

gjjd​…therefore, sacrifice feels EXTREMELY GOOD. It seems like such a great moral deed

Aeschylus Jones​If the blacks had followed Booker T Washington instead of W E Dubois we probably wouldnt have this discussion right now

Sarah Benoit​You have to understand the white non-Jewish left hate themselves, and hate their group. They feel excluded from it.

James Edward​Luke talk about Trumps comments about shithole countries.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Jones or Marcus Garvey

Pesh Head​The left is about nihilism, virtue signalling. half of them don’t even mean it

johnnie anon​you sacrifice other white people

Sarah Benoit​They can’t conform to its standards

James Edward​Sarah is right. I graduated college and I hated being white.

Pesh Head​Barbara Spectre — shudder lol

Aeschylus Jones​yes Pepe…either would have been better…but it seems that blacks have always taken the easiest way out instead of working on their communities

Grunteater​The Rabbi had asked me to sit at the opposite head of the table. He said that way he can see me smile.

J. Smith​Right!

Grunteater​Obviously my relatio ship with him is radically different for. his wife

James Edward​Right

Pesh Head​oy vey, Trump talks like a working class, uneducated white man

James Edward​Pesh it’s awesome hahah

James Edward​We won’t let them do it. White pride world wide

Pesh Head​hail victory

Grunteater​This show is my only true home

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​actually, Oprah as President would be great cause the red pills would be taken by the millions overnight

NyandUsaPolitics​anti-white racism is a power-transfer and wealth grab. its for power not to try to make equality

Aeschylus Jones​Trump opened up the immigration discussions to show he was willing to negotiate. and the dems took the bait and rejected his offer so Trump showed the world you can’t reason with lefties

mummylambs​Seal called out Oprah for helping to facilitate the abuse of goyim women at the hands of Weinstein

James Edward​I got my guns and body armor and food supplies ready.

Pesh Head​Harry Potter Cloak
johnnie anon​once there are millions of alt right the counter revolution begins

Pesh Head​Now
J. Smith​100%

James Edward​Johnnie is right.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey it’s over, but we can raise the next generation to be based so
that in 100 years those people will live in our former childhood

James Edward​The Alt Right is building.

J. Smith​Casey: Exactly.

J. Smith​Right now.

James Edward​Now!!

johnnie anon​whenever you are ready

Sarah Benoit​It should have happened years ago

Pesh Head ​mature democracy is a shit show

Luke Ford​I started the show talking about the shithole comments

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Sofort!

mummylambs​What areas of the Military are the most white? The people shooting the guns

James Edward​Luke ok I missed that. I will rewatch

johnnie anon​thankfully most of the best military are still white

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I often wonder what the avg white man in the military thinks about our

current cultural revolution

mummylambs​All the pics of special ops that I see are almost always exclusively white

Sarah Benoit​yeah blacks too dumb for that

johnnie anon​once the revolution starts the white military will put them in fema camps

James Edward​Hahah

Sarah Benoit​a lot of the generals are corrupt

Aeschylus Jones​and its only going to get worse Casey…

mummylambs​@Pepe The war room on TRS gives some of that perspective.

Pesh Head​amen

mummylambs​a bit extreme though lol

James Edward​Yep Luke is right.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Thanks mummy, maybe I’ll give it a listen

johnnie anon​by the time it starts the real military will be itching to go

Yehoishophot Oliver​luke you’re using some license there

Pesh Head​regarding military, ‘the war room’ podcast, TRS is a good veteran Alt Right podcast

Yehoishophot Oliver​😃

johnnie anon​it does

James Edward​Good point Luke

Yehoishophot Oliver​any country that legalizes gay marriage is the real s-hole

mummylambs​I haven’t listened in a while, but they created the “White Sharia” meme

Yehoishophot Oliver​yup

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rabbi literally 😆

Pesh Head​although they came up with #WhiteSharia meme, extreme shit posters

Aeschylus Jones​major events in history have always come from a unified minority with courage

johnnie anon​yep

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ This

Yehoishophot Oliver​SSM is a sign of complete disaster for all of a civilization

Pesh Head​lol mummy. but they got some good US military stories, how pozzed it’s getting

johnnie anon​pursuit of mental illness

NyandUsaPolitics​are these americans or brittish people

James Edward​Luke is right. That is Alt Right perspective

gjjd​Luke is from Australia, everyone else America

mummylambs​yeah Pesh. It’s definitely entertaining

James Edward​Hail Victory

J. Smith​Luke: yes, I agree. The purpose of continuing one’s nation should be more explicit in the law. It is in Mexico, right in their constitution.

johnnie anon​sounds like hitler to me, all good

NyandUsaPolitics​I dont like the part about the military cou but i think we can do things non-violently

James Edward​This is the best show on YouTube. Very powerful information

gjjd​is pursuit of happiness in the constitution?

NyandUsaPolitics​am i a cuck for asking for non-violence? lol? everything has to be extreme and have a “sting” or im a pussy or cuck i guess

Pesh Head​Hitler gave fascism a bad name

NyandUsaPolitics​the fbi will just shoot you like the farmers in oregon, dont try it, just influence the white house and the alt-right have good influence and a big brand name now

johnnie anon​the press gave hitler a bad name

James Edward​Ny you are a cuck.

Grunteater​Luke, why can’t Jews see the appeal of Hitler? Why can’t they listen to his speeches while pretending the holocaust didn’t happen

Greg Girardin​Individualism is great in a monoculture.
Pesh Head​he made it pretty easy for them tho

Grunteater​Personally, I’m not convinced the holocaust happened

James Edward​Hahaha. Hail Victory 1488

mummylambs​@Gjjd it’s a Will Smith movie (something that carries more importance than our constitution)

gjjd​we need to interpret these ideals of the establishment of America in historical context. These founders were thinking about serfdom and stuff, their thoughts were coming from a different place

NyandUsaPolitics​fascism = don’t vote and go with leadership principle. Thats a bad idea because whites will oppress other whites eventually with fascism even if you take nonwhites out at first

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​NS was considerably different from Italian fascism

Pesh Head​Jews were exterminated in numbers but not like Hollywood version

Pesh Head​I doubt Auschwitz had gas Chambers. Treblinka, maybe

James Edward​Can we have fascism and still have constitution

johnnie anon​whites wont oppress you cuz you wont be here

johnnie anon​keep the guns, whites only

Sarah Benoit​Fascism did nothing wrong

J. Smith​it came from The Authoritarian Personality I think

Pesh Head​that’s what Golden Dawn do

NyandUsaPolitics​johhnie wtf you talking about?

Pesh Head​feed white homeless ppl, provide white services

Grunteater​The holocaust is a lie, wake up goyim

Untethered Tube​HI Grunt

James Edward​Grun is right


johnnie anon​if people werent brainwashed as kids thru the media there would be no drug addiction

NyandUsaPolitics​guys if you want fascism something is wrong with you all

Pesh Head​opioid epidemic was targeted at white ppl

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Mussolini was an ex-Commie

J. Smith​Salazar in Portugal was not anti-semitic

Untethered Tube​ Neither was Franco, who was descended from conversos

James Edward​Jews

Pesh Head​Britain definitely lost

J. Smith​Well, the Frankfurt School went back to Germany right after the war, so you know who the winners were.

NyandUsaPolitics​you are thinking racial-socialism, I think you are using the wrong words guys

Grunteater​Dale, did you know Jews glorify women who murdered their children so they wouldn’t be converted to christianity?

Grunteater​I’m nothing, ask any orthodox Jew, if they deny THEY ARE LIEING

Pesh Head​but what if they have to chose between whites & their secular brothers?

Grunteater​during the crusades

James Edward​Hahah

Grunteater​I did repeat, Jewish women during the crusades murdered their own children so they
wouldn’t be converted

James Edward​It’s there high IQ

Pesh Head​orthodox & secular will work together against the goy when it suits

Pesh Head​they also opened the city gates for the Muslims in a number of places

Grunteater​ Orthodox Jews will glorify the murder of their weakest members

Luke Ford ​Casey’s stream only freezes when he criticizes Jews.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​lol

James Edward​Hahah

Pesh Head​lol, joogle overseer’s

Grunteater​This doesn’t bother anyone?

Untethered Tube​Lost connection, coming back

Untethered Tube ​There’s a happy merchant throttling Casey’s anti-Semitism

Untethered Tube​ I’m indifferent, Grunt

James Edward​Good point. The Jews look to suck off us.

Pesh Head​stating the obvious

James Edward​Hahah

Pesh Head​Jews have said this for years. they can’t. they need hostility to retain their tribe

Grunteater​Jewish women in the crusades murdered their children so they wouldn’t be converted REEE

Untethered Tube​re-establishing connectin

Untethered Tube​connnection

NyandUsaPolitics​4000 jews in WTC and only 3 died because of AOl and hebrew instant messaging system.

Pesh Head​and they’re all millionaires

J. Smith​Casey: Excellent arguing, lol

James Edward​Hahh Casey is trolling

Pesh Head​Goys are cattle

James Edward​Hahaha. I love Casey

J. Smith​GDP, hahaha. Casey is saying we can deconstruct Jews the same way they have done us.

Pesh Head​#OpenBordersForIsrael

James Edward​Hhaha

Pesh Head​Channeling Barbara Spectre

James Edward​Pesh hahha

J. Smith​Casey: we can start calling Jewish organizations and asking them for money for the
MultiKulti Israel foundation – and then shaming them for refusing, calling them racists etc.

NyandUsaPolitics​what state do these guys live

J. Smith​hollow cost

Untethered Tube​I’m in Oregon

NyandUsaPolitics​i am in NY if anyone wants to do a protest

Untethered Tube​Portland

J. Smith​They got 273,023 of them

Pesh Head​reparations lol, good luck with that

johnnie anon​casey go to the bottom of the class

Pesh Head​They can’t even stay in Israel ffs

NyandUsaPolitics​well i think everyone should specialize in 1 thing about the alt-right rather than talking about general type stuff

sevenqk0k1m0​why are the jews so deadset on destroying everything that’s beautiful innocent and fragile?

James Edward​Hahah. Casey is right again

Pesh Head​evolutionary strategy — Kevin MacD

NyandUsaPolitics​Israeli jews are more radical then american jews, and lower class jews are lower class to the elitist jews. I learned that i think from this channel

James Edward​Casey is my new favorite

Luke Ford​Acts 7:22: Moses was learned in all the lore of the Egyptians…

Pesh Head​Abrahamic cucks

James Edward​Ya Casey hail Victory

Pesh Head​Abraham pimped his wife or sister? to pharaoh ffs

James Edward​This is getting good.

Aeschylus Jones​Israel has a high rate of homosexuality

Untethered Tube ​Judaism is the theory and practice of a self-proclaimed master race

Grunteater​Jewish women in the crusades murdered their children during the crusades….I will not
stop exposing them

James Edward​Jews are just slaves.

Pesh Head​Christians shld have dumped the old testament

Sarah Benoit​Jews are one half of God in Judaism

Aeschylus Jones​Who do you think you are Mr. Big Schnozz?

Pesh Head​Mossad lightening strike



Pesh Head​Young Turks

abrunettegirl​those are terrible examples. The meek shall inherit the earth

Pesh Head​Wahhabism some say

Luke Ford​there is only one god and Charles Lindbergh is his prophet

Pesh Head​one moon god

James Edward​Richard Spencer is a prophet

Pesh Head​William Pearce thought same so created his own religion

Pesh Head​his interview with cigar was cool

James Edward​Hahah

mummylambs​@Luke Have any of you guys seen the new McLaughlin group. Tom Rogan (cuck) is the new host

Luke Ford​no

mummylambs ​Neither have I. I hated Rogan as a guest

James Edward​ True. Good point Casey

Pesh Head​ all they have is NPI, counter currents, not a lot

Pesh Head​ Cantwell was well supported

sevenqk0k1m0​how are jews so smart? they qualify as being those kind of people that do the same thing over and over expecting a different result

gjjd​Is Luke the guy who hits Dennis Dale up for money?

Dennis Dale: No

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