Late Night Alt Right with Luke

“Eight questions for the alt right” and other stupid questions. Chat below fold.

James EdwardHail Victory

James EdwardYes get them out.

James EdwardSo many white cucks. It is sad.

Untethered Tubehi

James EdwardHi. You got a new photo

Untethered Tubeon it

James EdwardGet Vivian on

Untethered Tubecoming

VisionaryCompanionHello from the U. District scowler

James EdwardThe goy is cucking hahah

Jen MHello from Brooklyn

James EdwardJen you like living there?

Luke FordHI guys

James EdwardGood point Denise

Jen MYeah it’s cool. I live in a really chassidic area

James EdwardHi Luke.

Jen MHi

James EdwardWe in the Alt-Right love you Luke.

Luke Fordthanks bro

James Edward👍🏻

Luke FordHi Jen, how do the hasidim treat you?

VisionaryCompanionAnd now Oprah is their new protege

VisionaryCompanionThe photo of Oprah presenting the starlet to Weinstein is worth a thousand words.

James EdwardOprah hahaha omg. I want an ethnostate NOW!!!

VisionaryCompanionFive hundred pounds of bear liver in a plastic bag, leaking tears for MLK and Stonewall.

Jen MThey’re pretty nice , I’m not Jewish I’m a former Christian. They know I’m not a Jewish and there pretty nice

VisionaryCompanionI grew up in a small town with no blacks, except for a band called the Soulful Seven, consisting of blacks who went to the military academy, and were funky.

VisionaryCompanionI remember seeing Cassius Clay on TV shouting “I’m the greatest! I’m the greatest of ALL TIME!” I wondered why a grown man would act that way.


Untethered Tubehey

VisionaryCompanionAs Greg Johnson was saying earlier today, we oppress blacks by adhering to standards of civility that blacks experience as an inhuman constraint on their primitive, irrational modes of behavior.

nobodyhi luke, remember your video about why do chabad guys always have model wives?

nobodyi reckon their model wives are TRANNYS

nobodyjust saying.

VisionaryCompanionWhites are subject to actual, premeditated machinations of Jews, which is not analagous to the compliaints of blacks against whites, who have bent over backwards to accomodate blacks.

VisionaryCompanionAs Horowitz has reminded us, blacks were seen as “the vanguard of the revolution” by leftists, beginning in the thirties.

VisionaryCompanionThe fawning on the Black Panthers by Jewish leftists is plain-as-day example of the malevolence of Jewish leftists, who sneered at Horowitz’s disillusionment over the death of Betty Van Patter.

Grunteatercontains 26 hours of content on the subject of the Messianic implications of Donald Trump and 2016 US election

Grunteatertorahthinking channel on YouTube

nobodyalso pro tip: the people that go around calling themselves jews today are not jews, the bible clearly warns of them

nobodythe people that got holocausted were jews, but they probably were unaware of who they are

Grunteatercheck out the Judaism in the 21st century playlist for the content

nobodyas a jew is simply someone who resists the devil’s unholy spirit

VisionaryCompanionWe have been too susceptible to the enticements set in motion by Jews, because the religious constraints of Christendom were long gone, and only vestigial and half-hearted in their enforcement.

VisionaryCompanionNot only oppressed, but beseiged on a daily basis by the aesthetic defilements promoted by those who seek to dismantle white standards.

VisionaryCompanionKevin Strom

GrunteaterYeah tell us more Luke

Grunteatersounds interesting, indeed

VisionaryCompanionHow did he get custody of the children?

GrunteaterIf I have a daughter I’m going to name her Rain, meaning clean in Yiddish, a reference to Jewish blood purity

Luke Fordnice

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?@Luke get Ryan Landry on the Sunday show, it’s a shame he’s no longer doing Weimerica Weekly

VisionaryCompanionThe old joke about Prohibition, is that it was a very sad time, and, were it not for the booze, it would have been intolerable.

Untethered Tube–Weed use is correlated to white displacement

Greg Girardinha ha.. just watch Black Mirror and call it good.

VisionaryCompanionI watched the Sopranos and called it Scorcesian.

Untethered Tube–No Greg

VisionaryCompanionThere are moments when it seems that Art happens in spite of the chucklehead writers and shallow actors

Greg GirardinYeah, TV is all zog.

Greg GirardinIt could be discouraged with tax policy or via social taboo. It’s not marriage, it’s having kids.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?shunning needs to make a comeback

VisionaryCompanionNot forced to separate, but asked to leave.

Greg GirardinLove is the short game. Preserving culture is the long game.

GrunteaterI want to name my firstborn Ram because Ram in Gematria is Amalek, and the 2nd one I want to name Ner (Amaleki

Grunteaterin Gematria, and the third one I want to name Zev, after Hitler (Wolf)

GrunteaterI have had a 3 year crush on my poseks Rebbetzin, and I hate her for it, I don’t understand why I can’t get over her, must be the scarcity effect

MaximilianDo predominantly Jewish men or women intermarry? What constellation is considered worse from a Jewish perspective?

GrunteaterJewish woman marrying out

Grunteatercreates huge existional crisis for child

VisionaryCompanionErotic obsession can become morbid and demonic.

Grunteateresp if it’s a male child

Grunteaterred pill me more Visionary

Grunteaterorthodox Jewish women who adhere to dress code make me contemplate suicids

VisionaryCompanionIf it is not requited, the persistence in obsession cannot really be love. It originates with some family of origin issue that has not been resolved.

Grunteaterthey are just perfect to me.but I know their true nature

Grunteaterwhy can’t I snap out of.this

GrunteaterPart of it is I want to humiliate women who are in a position of authority ie older women. I want to commit the ultimate act of chutspah

VisionaryCompanionTo answer that question, you will need to think about your childhood and your parents and your earliest formative experiences.


GrunteaterPersian immigrant parents, it’s hard for us to understand each other (I’m 25 btw, my mother is.62 and father is 65)

GrunteaterI was diagnosed with aspergers

GrunteaterI have theboffical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder

GrunteaterFar Der Yiddeshe Liebenkampf

VisionaryCompanionI used to think I was on the moral high ground for putting women on a pedestal. I eventually realized that this white knighting derived from early pathological family ties.

Grunteatermore of my childhood, the first time I recall being extremely sexual aroused was when I was about 7 years old and saw a 1950s cartoon where a cat character gets frightened by a mouse and pulled his

VisionaryCompanionAn obsession with impossible things may mean that you are scared to death of possiblity and real relationships.

Grunteaterhis cat legs up revealing female human legs.

Grunteatermeh, I don’t like that interpretation, try again

VisionaryCompanionOf course you do not like it. It is probably too accurate for comfort.

Grunteateralso this Rabbi wife, I never have sexual fantasized about her

GrunteaterIt’s because I know it can’t happen in any situation

GrunteaterI don’t think it’s trough visionary

GrunteaterIt doesn’t resonate

VisionaryCompanionYou don’t find it useful, as they say.

GrunteaterYeah she dresses super modest, Dale. It drives me insane

Grunteaterit makes me cry

VisionaryCompanionWhen I was twenty-five, I was crazy as a loon about someone who was not interested. I wish someone had grabbed me by the collar and told me to let go and move on.

Grunteaterbut I feel diminished by this woman who personifies authentic Jewish values

VisionaryCompanionOne other thing: women are not attracted to men who are reduced to prostrate mooncalves out of love for them.

Grunteaterand get husband is like a fatherly older brother to me (He’s 10 years older than me)

hal pumpkinluke is the moshiach. yechi luke!

Grunteaterbut Luke, I don’t want this feelinh

Grunteaterbut I know it’s all nothing

GrunteaterDale, I didn’t say that

Untethered Tube–sorry

GrunteaterI WANT to forget her

hal pumpkini am sincerely puzzled luke: on the one hand you seem genuinely modest and self-reflecting. on the other, still slightly narcisstic and powerful. please explain

Grunteateroh btw this Rabbis wife comes from an extremely wealthy Persian family

Grunteaterthat also bothers me

hal pumpkinwhich rabbis wife, grunt?


Grunteaterfinally, Dale pays attention to me

GrunteaterI feel an euphoria bordering on communing with the Divine

Grunteaterthe wife of my Rabbi

GrunteaterShe looks like Persian Shelly Duvall

hal pumpkinluke, you are a mystery wrapped in an enigma inside a paradox.

Grunteaterhow she looked in The Shining, except is an Iranian Jewess

Grunteaterugh I had a crush on Shelly Duvall in the movie when I was in middle school

Grunteaterthis Rabbis wife isn’t billboard material

hal pumpkinluke, please address my question. my therapist says i need more attention!! at least give me some attention. it’s tzadaka! a good deed.

Grunteateris Dale on facebook

GrunteaterDale can I friend u on facebook

Untethered Tube–ok

Grunteateryou are cool

Grunteaterwhat is it?

GrunteaterMy Rabbi recently said I am narcisstic

Untethered Tube–it’s a social media site by which people maintain contact with one another

Grunteaterok Dale

hal pumpkinmany thanks. your explanation helped me.

GrunteaterI’m listening

Grunteaterthis is a great show, I wish Cassie was here

VisionaryCompanionThe solution to this obsession is to take the family of origin bull by the tail and face the situation, as W.C. Fields used to say.


GrunteaterI use Judaism to boost myself up

GrunteaterMy narcissm pushes me to try to get my name out in the world, like on this show

VisionaryCompanionAs I get older, very early formative experiences loom large in my memory.

hal pumpkinattachment theory is really interesting. i have read a lot about it.

hal pumpkinit can’t be all genetics.


hal pumpkinit’s a mosaic of factors. bio/psycho/social




VisionaryCompanionEarly childhood “brain insults” have actual organic consequences.

hal pumpkingrunt, why are you rambling incoherent with sting lyrics???

Grunteaterthat song will make me montage you guys

VisionaryCompanionFor a complete narcissist, status is more important than the accomplishment

GrunteaterI want to watch Faith Goldy because it’s relevant to this show, but I don’t like listening to female speakers but blonde in the belly of the beast is an exception

hal pumpkinOpera whinyfree visited crown heights and was told women are not in the basement, they are the foundation. she seemed satisfied with that.

GrunteaterNot being able to handle raising children has barred me from getting married in the orthodox community

GrunteaterThis causes me to resent frum Jewish women, especially the matchmakers

hal pumpkingrunt, who said you’re not able to raise childrent/

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