Luke Ford Interview with Evan McLaren of the National Policy Institute

Today we’re talking with Evan McLaren of the National Policy Institute.


From Luke’s blog:

[Luke’s] questions for Evan:
* How did you get red-pilled?
* Did you join the Bar?
* How did getting red-pilled affect your relationships with friends and family? Your dating life?
* Tell me about the guys on Alt Right Politics podcast.
* Do Jews have a role to play in the Alt Right?
* What have you learned from your dealing with the media and watching Richard deal with them?
* Have you managed to stay out of feuds?
* What’s your racial background?
* What’s your religious background?
* Question to Evan McLaren. Has he ever met a high IQ or well read nazi/neonazi?
* Do Jewish Ultra Zionists and people like Luke Ford belong in the AltRight?
* Homos and the Alt Right?
How urgent is the demographic & political crisis in America? How long do you think ya’ll have before you miss the window and doom is inevitable?
One of the tropes or platitudes of the alt-right critique of things is that Jews push for multiculturalism while maintaining an ethnic nation-state. But, Israel is quite young, historically – and Jews seemed to advocate for multiculturalism even before Israel was theirs… are they onto something? Maybe whites could simply band together within various multicultural nation-states, the way Jews have, and survive the ravages of time that way? –making the ethno-state unnecessary.
What do you think of the Civil Rights Legislation that forces businesses to cater to people in a non-discriminatory way? Is that a violation of the right to voluntary association? Are all-white private clubs like Augusta National Golf Course (until 1990) illegal?
Why/how do you think public education became so implicitly globalist & explicitly multiculturalist?
Richard Spencer seems to try to avoid or dodge questions about what the standards of the white ethnostate might be… he’s not particularly religious, and neither are most of the alt-right figureheads. But what will white morality be based on, if not “Judeo-Christian” traditionalism? For instance, whites have led the whole world in liberalizing sexual morality, yet many in the alt-right fantasize about reversing same-sex marriage and similar progressive sex stuff… but why would you think whites will ever do that? Muslims, yes—but whites?
Sargon embarrassed himself, and I can’t stand Jordan Peterson’s talk about “the individual,” but at bottom, there is some deep – even “identitarian” – part of me that wants to reserve the right to dissent. Spencer, bravely perhaps, has favored more communitarian forms of governing… and as a weirdo contrarian, I need to know that I’ll be allowed to dispute damn near everything once I’m stuck in the ethno-state.
* This week’s Torah portion is Va’era and it tells the story of the first seven plagues against Egypt. Chat transcript below the fold.

Youtube chat:
Greg Girardin​Yeah, Jared avoids the JQ.
VisionaryCompanion​Carleton Putnam saw the handwriting on the wall in 1960.
VisionaryCompanion​Jared may avoid it in public, but he knows the score in private.
Greg Girardin​Agreed.
VisionaryCompanion​David Duke was a bit goofy at that old Amren conference, with that “feeling it in my genes” line.
VisionaryCompanion​The funny thing is, Guillaume Faye, the person he asked a question, took it in stride
VisionaryCompanion​I cannot be purged, because I am borderline reclusive.
Luke Ford​That was quite a moment!
Luke Ford​It summarized much.
VisionaryCompanion​I cannot get that image of the schvarzer booty over her head, in that video.
VisionaryCompanion​Swift, I mean.
Chrls​casey, did you scrap your twitter?
VisionaryCompanion​Faye said something about “Jews of the mind”, pointing ot his forehead.
Greg Girardin​Nehlen is the vanguard. He’ll take a beating but will open the door to the conversation.
Luke Ford​Greg, good points as always!
VisionaryCompanion​Nehlen’s tweeting of the Culture of Critque was pretty risky.
Chrls​Nehlen is a genuine madman.
Luke Ford​casey is continually going off twitter
VisionaryCompanion​Richard was excellent in his little debate with Sargon.
Greg Girardin​The Spencer / Sargon debate was hugely entertaining.
Greg Girardin​Sargon is smart and I like him, but he was over his head with Spencer.
Greg Girardin​Good points. Styx is pretty reasonable IMO.
Daniel Sturridge​I can’t wait until Enoch is on Warski
Chrls​Is that happening for sure? Hope so.
Aeschylus Jones​Sargon is good at pointing out holes in peoples theories but he has no ideals of his own or doesn’t express them on his channel
VisionaryCompanion​Exasperation in the face of reason in unseemly, and indicates instability.
Daniel Sturridge​Yeah he was talking about it on the Friday Shoah
Aeschylus Jones​Im hoping No White Guilt and Mark Collett are on the next podcast
Daniel Sturridge​All Sargon wants to do is to ask ‘gotcha’ questions.
VisionaryCompanion​When he asked “what color?” I thought, this guy is used to winning arguments with chuckleheads.
VisionaryCompanion​It reminded me of an old acquaintance who thought he had exploded the entire history of religion by stumping high school jocks who were evangelicals.
VisionaryCompanion​With the difference being that Sargon was faced with people who could not be stumped.
VisionaryCompanion​Raymond Wolter’s work on the aftermath of Brown vs.Topeka is essential reading.
johnnie anon​luke how can you join a group that is trying to destroy your race
Luke Ford​I was not red pilled when i converted to judaism
Luke Ford​Even KMAC will say these are cultural choices that can be changed
johnnie anon​so you like a trojan horse now
Luke Ford​I am out with my views
Luke Ford​Many Jews agree w me
johnnie anon​you are pretty honest
Luke Ford​I agree w KMAC
Pilleater​hello evan
VisionaryCompanion​Paul Gottfried is probably not devout, but he is Jewish.
Luke Ford​yes
VisionaryCompanion​And he is One of the Good Ones, and in a odd position.
VisionaryCompanion​an odd
Pilleater​every race has its own place and mixed people and bicultural people live in small places too.
Pilleater​let mulatto people form the oero place and the eurasian people form eurasian land
VisionaryCompanion​His book about his lefty acquainantances could be read as a companion work to that book by Scruton, Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands.
Deplorable Man​Speaking only for myself — I don’t feel like the AltRight is a credible threat to me, or other American Jews.
Pilleater​new libertaranism with ehtnonationalist edge
Pilleater​scrutons book is awesome
Deplorable Man​It’s part of a populist pushback against institutionalized white disenfranchisement.
VisionaryCompanion​I think the people who attacked it, when it was first published, could not have actually read it.
Pilleater​its a great book, changed my mind forever
mummylambs​”credible threat”? That’s an odd statement
Pilleater​its why derrida, focult, lacan, deluze should get the death setence
Pilleater​why not create bicultural ethnostates?
VisionaryCompanion​It is as if there was a style of philosophy that took on the style of Sontag’s “camp,” where everything important had to have shudder quotes around it.
James Edward​Hail Victory Richard Spencer destroyed Sargon
bigotmaster​Semites are a credible and very real threat to all their hosts, European/Palestinian etc.
James Edward​Big is right.
Pilleater​sargon is a new low level of normie-tier people that need to be exposed. this pretensious, preening person looking to be “the smartest person in your english class,” when he is a arrogant aspie.
James Edward​Pilleater great point.
Pilleater​antifa tried to dox me
Pilleater​i feel the same way you do about work
VisionaryCompanion​Sometimes, when I get the hipster Seattle freeze, I wonder if they are on to me, but that is probably just paranoia.
eladsinned​That’s just Seattle
Pilleater​philly antifa is only three kids into hardcore and its sad like a high school mentality.
Pilleater​sam hyde is the one of the only people considered to be “alt right” trying to infulence that class of metrosexual hipsters. its very important to win them over. but at the same time, disgusting people
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​How can a white person living in Philly be Antifa? It’s like these idiots in Chicago.
Bernard Brightson​@Pilleater What is going on with Robert Stark? No podcasts since november.
VisionaryCompanion​One time, I was chatting with a friend at the Sure Shot, about something totally innocuous, and some po-faced twit interrupted by saying, yeah tell that to the victims of the Bhopal disaster!
Pilleater​@Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? Exactly. It’s a black city. Hip hop central. Fishtown is the last white hipster land. And its sad. I don’t like the city, go New York instead.
Pilleater​@Bernard Brightson Stark is selling his books in person and talking to contractors for book deal… but hes taken a break. I send emails to Denis Cooper and Rodney Alan Greenblat for future podcasts
VisionaryCompanion​Me too. I am either an eighth or a sixteenth Cherokee
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Pill my buddy’s wife is from Philly, hates niggers and her parents live in the burbs. When they visit they never go to the city.
Pilleater​I hate city pride… some delusional whites think philly is “the portland of the east coast.” it’s sad and quite doldrum like. very close minded people. Like BLM in Ohio.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Evan you should give a Latin Mass parish a try. Agree that the typical Catholic parish is weak af.
VisionaryCompanion​There is something about the attempt to fit into a religion that one has not been raised in, that is fraught with subtle larpy vanities and general posturing delusions.
Deplorable Man​Christian Universalism definitely weakens the prospects for white racial solidarity.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Pill I’ve noticed in the past 10-15 years the Chicago flag is everywhere trying to promote city pride across race. Yup, it’s an ersatz city-pride.
bigotmaster​The Sun, the Eternal Life-giver is the only true European religion
VisionaryCompanion​I was a convert to Catholicism, less than a year after having a nervous breakdown.
VisionaryCompanion​I feel a strange sadness about it all.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@VC has your conversion helped?
VisionaryCompanion​I thought that there was no need to address the real problems, because I was going directly to the Source.
VisionaryCompanion​I am not practicing Catholic now. I am an agnostic.
Deplorable Man​Winning over flyover country is necessary for the white identity movement — they’re easy to redpill especially about the blacks and latinos. Unfortunately those people are devout Christians.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I hear ya
JJ Hunnsacker​White Nationalists would do well to emulate the Jews, beginning with nomenclature. Let the White Nationalist call himself a White Zionist.
VisionaryCompanion​I am 63. I converted when I was a twitching 22-year-old.
JJ Hunnsacker​Re Hitler and Nazism, who else killed more White people than these?
Pilleater​Personally, I hate the DS types and racist hipsters. Its a bad trend going on. Especially in the counter-currents scene. Along with homonationalism. So stupid, very immature.
bigotmaster​Do Jewish Ultra Zionists and people like Luke Ford belong in the AltRight?
Pilleater​I been a casual counter-currents goer since I was 19, until I relalized its a group of right wing queers and hipster racist. its really low.
VisionaryCompanion​Jack Donovan is a bridge troll too far.
Deplorable Man​There are over 20,000 white men who are affiliated with ‘white supremacist’ prison gangs. Keeping them OUT of the white identity movement is critical. They stand a chance of colonizing the AltRight.
bigotmaster​Who’s the Jewish looking guy, sitting staring, not participating in the discussion?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@JJ It’s not 1939, man. The Soviets also killed whites. Nobody cares.
Deplorable Man​He’s a goy.
Deplorable Man​And a good mna.
Deplorable Man​man rather.
bigotmaster​Why is Luke Ford so interested in getting Evan to disavow Matthew Heimbach?
Bernard Brightson​Question to Evan McLaren. Has he ever met a high IQ or well read nazi/neonazi?
JJ Hunnsacker​White people should care. Do not embrace a man who sought to enslave and/or exterminate tens of millions of whites.
bigotmaster​Who is Dennis?
James Edward​I hope Casey comes to the Alt-Right soon.
Deplorable Man​He’s a blue collar guy living in Portland who gradually became AltRight through blogging.
JJ Hunnsacker​Socially successful people have too much to lose to risk joining the alt-right.
bigotmaster​Who is the jewy looking guy?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I don’t embrace Hitler, nor do I disavow. It’s a non-issue.
bigotmaster​the old jewy looking guy?
Deplorable Man​Bigotmaster – the older dark haired guy is Dennis.
Luke Ford​Luke
Deplorable Man​He’s Irish and German…
Luke Ford​in black shirt
bigotmaster​who is Dennis?
Aeschylus Jones​Hes that Portlandia guy
VisionaryCompanion​The other day, someone said I looked like Kramer from Seinfeld.
Luke Ford​I have no interest in getting Evan to disavow anyone
bigotmaster​Deplorable Man, do you have Dennis’ 23andMe?
Pilleater​GJ is classist
VisionaryCompanion​Which made me think of my orphan maternal grandfather, who may have been Jewish, but never know for sure who his biological parents were.
James Edward​Deplorable do you like Evan?
JJ Hunnsacker​Pepe, Hitler/KKK/Duke are all types of targets that can be put on your back to make it easier for your foe to identify and destroy you. Don’t fall for it.
Pilleater​and GJ makes realllllyyyy stupid vetting choices and gives anyone a platform. it hurts him.
Deplorable Man​Dennis is a former manufacturing worker, army vet, living in Portland. He became AltRight gradually by blogging. He’s an intellectually understimulated blue collar white guy.
bigotmaster​but Luke you’re not being honest my friend
JJ Hunnsacker​Are there any women in the alt right?
Maximilian​Heimbach from TWP is an insane guy …
eladsinned​Marine vet
bigotmaster​maybe it goes with your new identity Luke
VisionaryCompanion​Many of us are from a background of deracinating trends going back to the late eighteen hundreds.
Pilleater​Back in the NY Forum, Gregs party last in Jan 2017, was really cool. But then, everyone now hates each other.
Deplorable Man​Marines! Sorry! Thought you were Army!
Aeschylus Jones​Heimbach is very smart from what Ive seen of him
Deplorable Man​I’m Air Force. You’re all the same to us.
Deplorable Man​; D
Luke Ford​I don’t recall saying a negative thing about Heimbach and I’ve posted about him multiple times
James Edward​I like Heimbach is a good guy. We can come together with them. It’s all about helping Our people
Pilleater​Greg Johnson, although a smart person, personally knowing him, he makes alot of bad choices and is full of himself.
VisionaryCompanion​The MPC guys call us Wingnats.
bigotmaster​Luke, you’re not being honest about the questions you ask
Pilleater​He creates hipster racism and homonationalism and thing, and he lies about it.
Luke van der Hoff​Ya Greg Johnson is kind of an idiot
Luke Ford​How so?
Maximilian​Heimbach is a marine vet?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Pill some of us think homos have no place in our movement cause their sexual deviance is a liability
Pilleater​Im not much of a fan of Dan F either, but there is really bad drama going on.
James Edward​Luke when are you join your family and going full Alt-Right?
Luke Ford​Dunno
Pilleater​@Luke Ford GJ is a nice guy and i look up to him.
VisionaryCompanion​Dan Friberg gives me a DT sort of vibe, like someone who is simply not well.
Luke Ford​I just follow truth
bigotmaster​You’re clearly trying to make your AR guests feel uncomfortable and disavow certain ideas, I’ve seen this before with you, Luke
James Edward​Luke. Ok
bigotmaster​said the liar
bigotmaster​who is maybe lying to himself?
Pilleater​I read counter-currents everyday, but I have no hope with the avant-garde “homonationalist” and hipster racist scene. In fact, I hate them. Bad view. This Evan guy is the way to go.
James Edward​Big Luke has been a good guy. No need to attack.
Daniel Sturridge​Luke how’d your date go?
Aeschylus Jones​Luke has always been up front and truthful on his broadcasts
VisionaryCompanion​The Aryan SKynet guy is no slouch.
eladsinned​any potted plants harmed?
James Edward​Aeschylus true
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Pill same, lots of great articles on CC, but I stopped supporting once I found out GJ is a fag
bigotmaster​@James Edward Just pointing out Luke often tries to make AR guests feel uncomfortable and disavow certain ideas
James Edward​We need to get Casey to come Alt-Right. Is kind of cucks
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Daniel good question, ha. Forgot about that.
Pilleater​@Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? I met two gay guys from the CC New York scene and they tried to get me. One sending me a dick pic.
eladsinned​CC is generally good reading
Pilleater​I was young and naive and he was grooming me!
James Edward​Bigmaster. Yes I just don’t really see that. Just ask hard questions
Luke Ford​OK Pilleater, let it go, please re GJ.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Pill are you/were you gay?
Pilleater​i sort of was but didnt know any better
eladsinned​He was for a weekend
Bernard Brightson​lol
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis LOL
Pilleater​@Luke Ford GJ is a nice guy, but personally, this is what happened through the past years.
Luke Ford​Yes, I get it.
Deplorable Man​Once a philosopher – twice a pervert.
eladsinned​and now the JQ
Deplorable Man​Ha!
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis First Hitler, then the JQ. It’s like clockwork.
Luke Ford​important no?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​for sure
eladsinned​Once you go CofC, there’s no return for thee
Luke Ford​painfully true
Aeschylus Jones​Heimbach fought off Antifa in Sacramento and were outnumbered like 10 to 1
bigotmaster​@James Edward clearly has an agenda, whether conscious or not is another Q – brands himself as “a rebbe without a shul” yet his loyalty is clearly w/his new ‘tribe’, reflected in his ‘worries’
Pilleater​Matt H is a good guy, just very larpy and dedicated.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​MF is a great podcast
Pilleater​I will be honest, a bunch of good friends of mine are jews.
Aeschylus Jones​we need more dedication and action and less analysis…lol
bigotmaster​Heimbach is young, talented, highly intelligent and eloquent.
Aeschylus Jones​and a staunch Christian
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I love Don Camillo, fellow based Catholic, peace be upon him
Grunteater​Hey guys!
James Edward​BigMaster I see your point. But remember is he is not Jewish by ethnicity. Just religious jew. To me that makes a big difference
Grunteater​Far Der Yiddeshe Liebenkampf!
Luke Ford​Dennis, going back to you
Aeschylus Jones​there is a place for based jews in the movement…just no leadership roles for good reason
Pilleater​Already a year and its amazing after the punch and NY forum and unite the right, what a year
bigotmaster​why invite a Judas into our midst?
Pilleater​lol here we go again
Grunteater​Learned Jews know about the Illuminati, except we call them Airuv Rav. A leading Rabbi identified the Israeli government and media as the Airuv Rov.
Pilleater​And Cocaine.
Pilleater​Richard Spencer needs to make a video about drug issues, because there is a rumor going around about him snorting coke with an IE member.
Pilleater​No drugs dude. But its hypocritical some do it behind the scenes. Cowards.
Maximilian​@Pilleater Are you still promoting miscegenation and Asian nationalism?
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones why fraternize with the enemy?
James Edward​BigMaster good question I guess it is what he choose to learn. We can use him as a resource to learn about the Jews so we can fully understand them
Daniel Sturridge​I think the Alt-Right should really take a religious anti-degeneracy approach, such as anti-alcohol. Lots of young people are searching for strict moral rules
Pilleater​@Maximilian its called biculturalism but i focus on Asian-Aryanism.
Daniel Sturridge​not to mention that recent study that shows alcohol damages dna
Grunteater​He also named the Conservative and Reformed movement as Airuv Rob. Any Jew who is actively opposed to the truth of Judaism.
James Edward​Daniel good point. No alcohol
Pilleater​No anything, say what you mean. If you do it, you should come out about it authentically. I hate liars.
bigotmaster​If they identify with the enemy, they are the enemy, are they not?
Deplorable Man​There are a lot of redpilled elites…unfortunately they aren’t comfortable expressing their views in public.
Aeschylus Jones​I don’t believe all jews are against the white race…just a few at the top who have control of the race or religion or how its defined
James Edward​BigMaster I don’t think so if they are not ethnicity Jewish
James Edward​BigMaster I don’t think so if they are not ethnicity Jewish
Grunteater​He said the next step in the step in the Messianic process is that Airuv Roc will fall in a big way…he didn’t give this example but we see it starting with the fall of Anothony Wiener and Harvey Wei
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones heard of group evolutionary strategy?
VisionaryCompanion​Alcohol is a red flag for anyone who has ever been a drunk and has gotten sober.
Daniel Sturridge​yakut master race
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Agree with Jones, but I still think the old Catholic rules should be applied: no Jews in leadership/teaching positions
Pilleater​me too luke
Pilleater​Im hapa
Deplorable Man​I have no problem with hapas.
Daniel Sturridge​yakut master raaaccce
Daniel Sturridge​you’re a 50/50 hapa?
Pilleater​small hapa
Deplorable Man​So long as they aren’t jungle asians.
Pilleater​but its clear as i speak good japanese and hang in chinatown
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones we tend to view people as individuals – but individualism is a lie, that’s a mistake we’ve often made
Aeschylus Jones​yes…I think the jews at the bottom of the tribe are dupes just as much as the white race…when ever people get woke with the JQ the jewish elite use that to rally all jews to the cause
Grunteater​you can see it on Rabbi Mendel Kessins newest shiyur on his torahthinking YouTube channel
VisionaryCompanion​I have been sober for 25 years, and I was not in touch with reality during my drinking years. I could get tear-squirty about the darkies at the drop of a hat.
Grunteater​near the end of it
Luke Ford​Dennis, please mute
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones isn’t it strange how the Democratic Party was turned into the Judeo-Left and how the Repulican Party was turned into the Judeo-Right?
VisionaryCompanion​Five beers and I was doing a Howlin’ Wolf medley, come hell or high water.
Cavalier HIghlightS​Cavalier HIghlightS donated $10.00
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@bigot That’s a great point
Pilleater​i met really annoying jews… i like blonde hair jew girls, they just want to be white girls, but live on a trust fund and quite the elite person.
James Edward​I am 43 percent Polish, 32 percent Dutch, 12 percent Welch, five percent Irish, five percent Scandinavian
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones Why would we want a Judas in our midst?
Aeschylus Jones​true…but those are mainly marxists and trotskyites who dont represent all jews
VisionaryCompanion​They can play the role of gargoyles relegated to the parapets, but never allowed inside the cathedral.
VisionaryCompanion​which is what Nabokov said about gays.
bigotmaster​@Aeschylus Jones they are an expression of their identity, serving their group interests - is it good for the joos?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@VC great way to put it
James Edward​Fundamentally Jews see themselves as a different people
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ yup
adanak​Disappointing to see you describe Spencer’s group as “racist”…..
Deplorable Man​Most Jews think of themselves as white…Certainly the ones where I grew up.
bigotmaster​Infiltrators infiltrate to control the narrative, happened a 1000 times before
James Edward​(((Disneyland)))
Grunteater​This show is so comfy
Aeschylus Jones​the problem isnt that they want to serve their own interests. but some jews want to undermine the white race and become the leaders of the world
Deplorable Man​It is.
James Edward​Wall Disney hated Jews. Hahah
bigotmaster​@James Edwards – they are not us
James Edward​Walt
Grunteater​Luke gets my dopamine going
James Edward​BigMaster I ageee
VisionaryCompanion​Minnie Mouse is rolling over in her grave.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Deplorable There have to be clear boundaries, clarity will keep us honest
bigotmaster​Who cares if a semite thinks of himself as huwhite?
James Edward​Visionary hahah
Grunteater​I’m a Persian Jew, can I please be white
VisionaryCompanion​Especially after that joke about Goofy’s urine, and Minnie’s handwriting.
eladsinned​In here we’re all white
James Edward​Grun. No. You are not allowed in our ethnostate
VisionaryCompanion​The message in the snow, etc. Old joke.
Maximilian​Bosnians&Albanians might look white as well but their heritage and religion is absolutely antithetical to the west /Europe.
Paddy Mcgill​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message
bigotmaster​Semites use the huwhite mask when convenient
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Max have to agree
Grunteater​I’m listening
Paddy Mcgill​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message
Paddy Mcgill​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message
James Edward​Richard is Awesome
Paddy Mcgill was banned by Luke Ford.
bigotmaster​Spencer likes the stage and attention
James Edward​BigMaster true but he is good at it.
eladsinned​we all like attention
VisionaryCompanion​He is not a plant, but he is a limelighter, which has to be managed and kept in check.
James Edward​Elasdsinned true
bigotmaster​Spencer is intelligent, handsome and eloquent
Grunteater​Pro tip: They are constantly alluding to traditional orthodox Judaism because Luke
VisionaryCompanion​He needs to work on the flutterhand gesture
Grunteater​It’s like how Howard Stern is always alluding to incest
James Edward​Visionary that is his best part. Hahah
Grunteater​It can’t not be true
VisionaryCompanion​He needs to ball his fists and do the lumberjack grunt, to be ore convincing.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis I think Spencer and Co. should concentrate on building relationships IRL instead of doing public protests like Charlottesville
Grunteater​This shit is hilarious
bigotmaster​Charlottesville was exciting and historic
VisionaryCompanion​If I tried to do the public figure routine, people would ask, “Why does that Visionary Doofus look like he is catatonic?”
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Who’s Evan talking about?
Luke Ford​a gay friend
James Edward​Gayness is promoted too much in our societies
Grunteater​The mussar
James Edward​I don’t think we should allow guys to marry.
VisionaryCompanion​Based Southern Belle is quite precocious, but she is young, and shit-testing us with her lesbian identity larping.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​This is a good example of why gays are an inherent liability. It’s all about muh feelz with them.
James Edward​Pepe is right.
Natz Sloshenheimer​Good Jewish women should be integrated into the white race
James Edward​natz might be right. It would raise our IQ
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Vivian would agree ha
eladsinned​Jewish girls are awesome
VisionaryCompanion​Try celibacy sometime. That will make a grown man squeak like a chipmunk and walk around in circles, for god’s sake.
James Edward​Pepe. She is kind of cute.
Luke Ford​Dennis, going to you next
VisionaryCompanion​Vivian is jewish?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Yeah
Deplorable Man​Yes
Natz Sloshenheimer​Half-baked thought: If we don’t use gene tests to decide who is apart of our European nation, then de-facto the Jews themselves will decide if they will be or not.
Luke Ford​yep
Natz Sloshenheimer​Polish jew if I recall, Vivian
Natz Sloshenheimer​Personally I think Jews deserve a chance if they want to be “white”
VisionaryCompanion​I have been damaged by spending most of my adult life as the only reactionary in the room. Fighting amongst people on my side? How is that done?
James Edward​I never thought Jewish women our cute but Vivian is cute.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Natz We’ve tried that for 2000 years, it’s not gonna happen
VisionaryCompanion​When they start growing mustaches and shaking their wattles like Golda Meir, then it is time to show them the door.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Conversos in Spain, Germanized Jews in the 1800s, it just never works out
Natz Sloshenheimer​@Pepe it isn’t clear to me what the cost/Benefit analysis is, the last 2000 years have been pretty decent in comparison to other times.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​We can still have them around but their influence must be legally limited . Otherwise we’ll have the same blurred lines we have now. Good fences, good neighbors.
VisionaryCompanion​I think that the worst libertarians are libertarians by temperament, and cannot circument their temperamental inclinations when it is necessary at times, if truth matters.
Grunteater​Please red pill on potentiality of exististial crisis when selecting like Luke to be a Torah observant Jew
VisionaryCompanion​Some people read Ayn Rand when they are teeny-boppers, and find themselves in that slot forever.
VisionaryCompanion​I could not get through Ayn Rand, because she was a horrible writer.
Grunteater​And if traditional Rabbinic Judaism isn’t authentic of its claims, that means Jews are engaging in machievllianizm
Natz Sloshenheimer​@Pepe That might be a practical solution to some problems yes. In general I think media and education must be somewhat controlled
VisionaryCompanion​It is typical of libertarians to shrug off aesthetics, and think that Rand’s Dollar Sign Logo is not tacky in the least.
Grunteater​I recognize you guys are doing it in hints
Grunteater​Thanks, I’m fluent in normie
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Natz Yeah, for example, let them have Jewish media, but it must be labelled as such so they cannot hide behind (((liberalism))). @Deplorable any thoughts on this?
VisionaryCompanion​A black pill moment: Trump bragging on Twitter recently about having been a TV star, and citing that as evidence of his high IQ.
Natz Sloshenheimer​@Pepe One idea otherwise is to simply give tax breaks to those who promote certain important ideas in media.
bigotmaster​Charlottesville was exciting and historic
Grunteater​Yeah talk more about autism
Grunteater​in hints
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Natz Sure, but the goal must be to keep both sides open and honest.
gjjd​Is there a forum on Luke’s website?
gjjd​or comment section
Luke Ford​no
VisionaryCompanion​Schvarzers in leiderhosen is simply a violation of common sense.
Natz Sloshenheimer​@Pepe I don’t know, I would say it is most important to keep certain toxic ideas away and others closer
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@gjjd Class started for me again last week, and I thought of you. There are 3 whites out of 30 in one of my classes.
VisionaryCompanion​The danger is that very young alt-righters will get bored when the novelty wears off, and find some other ideology that is untrue, but equally exciting.
gjjd​@Pepe it is so disheartening. I can’t imagine that there aren’t many secretly red-pilled white people living lives of “quiet desperation” at many of our uni’s

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