Ghosts of Christmas Future

[transcript of broadcast recording, c 2048]

And now a holiday message from President Thanyear Feltwine He-Him.

Good evening my fellow Newmericans. Tonight Vice President Tal-Numina Xe-Xir and I begin by acknowledging the Nacotchtank people, upon whose stolen land this capitol stands. We acknowledge the Algonquin people who are the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to elders past and present of the Algonquin Indian Nation. Nici sigi psach ke-yin, Dich m’djel mieol wagh nuch

I extend that respect to other Native people present, and for the profound contributions they have made to Newmerica.

We acknowledge the descendants of African slaves…

[broadcast fails for 9 minutes 30 seconds, resumes]

…for the profound contribution of Islam to Newmerica…

[broadcast fails, resumes at 7 minutes 29 seconds]

…for the many injustices suffered by Pacific Islanders in the United States…

[broadcast fails, resumes at 9 minutes]

…by finally harnessing the incredible power of that diversity we’ll be able to restore electricity in virtually all of the Eastern Seaboard by the next holiday season.

Good night and good luck to the New State of America. Thank you.

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