Convene the Sanhedrin, Call the Heathen, it’s Torah Time

Luke opens with description of recently concluded Sukkot festivities: “another day with God”

1:45 Special Needs Dennis

2:30 The Pernicious Professor and our Safe American Home

4:35 Masturbation, alas.
8:00 The Joy of Abstinence

20:25 Casey and Mrs. Robinson

22:50 the “Love Map” and other insidious Jewish ideas

28:50 the “power differential” in sexual fantasy

40:00 Porn, degradation and power

43:05 Mike Enoch and the New Yorker

57:45 Singapore and civic nationalism

1:05:15 Where are the Jewish apologists?
Luke asks where are the critiques of the alt right from great Jewish minds. He cites Steve Sailer: there are no incentives for introspection of this sort by Jews.
There’s also no will on the non-Jewish side to demand it. As I said to Luke, we on the right would benefit from a coherent, objective critique of our movement by an outsider. Maybe that’s another reason.
But mostly white America, as a group without an identity (an anti-group), doesn’t demand it.
Considering the legal status of Jews in Europe, Napoleon convened a “Grand Sanhedrin” compelling Europe’s rabbis to present themselves and answer a set of 12 questions. Some of their answers on trickier questions were described by one anti-Semitic thinker as fine examples of Talmudic obscurantism:

Is it lawful for Jews to have more than one wife?
Is divorce allowed by the Jewish religion?
Is divorce valid, although pronounced not by courts of justice but by virtue of laws in contradiction to the French code?
May a Jewess marry a Christian, or [May] a Jew [marry] a Christian woman? or does Jewish law order that the Jews should only intermarry among themselves?
In the eyes of Jews are Frenchmen not of the Jewish religion considered as brethren or as strangers?
What conduct does Jewish law prescribe toward Frenchmen not of the Jewish religion?
Do the Jews born in France, and treated by the law as French citizens, acknowledge France as their country?
Are they bound to defend it? Are they bound to obey the laws and follow the directions of the civil code?
Who elects the rabbis? What kind of police jurisdiction do the rabbis exercise over the Jews? What judicial power do they exercise over them? Are the police jurisdiction of the rabbis and the forms of the election regulated by Jewish law, or are they only sanctioned by custom?
Are there professions from which the Jews are excluded by their law?
Does Jewish law forbid the Jews to take usury from their brethren? Does it forbid, or does it allow, usury in dealings with strangers?

Reconvene the Sanhedrin. Let’s have a conversation.

1:08:28 Normies don’t understand what the Mike Enoch New Yorker article is all about. Casey says Enoch’s dad comes off as a jerk. The old man is tragically pozzed, whatever the case:

On Sunday, after he got home from church, he saw that a relative had e-mailed him a YouTube link. He clicked on it: his son and David Duke, standing shoulder to shoulder. “It turned my stomach,” he said. “Until that moment, I had imagined that, whatever had caused him to go down this path, it could somehow be reversed, and he could come home again.”

Enoch’s dad is suggesting he’s disowned his son, or at least that he doesn’t expect to speak to him again. Seems a tad extreme, but that’s the last we hear of it.

1:14 Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason

Vimeo is airing a documentary about gay Hollywood grooming that can’t find a distributor:

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC #AnOpenSecret from Matt Valentinas on Vimeo.

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