All NFL all the time, without the annoying ex-jocks or football

Strange New Respect is fleeting, and with regard to the NFL owners’ remarkable commitment to “social justice” over profits or patriotism, the NYT is determined it shall have wide-receiver speed:

Beyond the appearance of unity, though, is a far different reality: The owners have done little to support players who protest to fight social injustice. A few owners have told their players that kneeling for the anthem is inappropriate.
The owners by and large are a white, conservative group of billionaires, several of them big-dollar donors to President Trump. They have generally discouraged their players, about three quarters of whom are African-American, from anything that overshadows throwing passes and making tackles.

All the talk about freedom of expression is a dodge around the fact it’s black America calling out white America as racist, and–this is the real shock to the system–the not-quite subdued half of white America calling bullshit right back.

This thing needs to end quickly for both the NFL and the Narrative.
I think it’s going to be the best season ever.

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