Mondoweiss on the standard hypocrisy:

Meanwhile, the same senators are united by their ardent support for a racist regime that is no less inspired by racial supremacy and an ideology that demands ethnic cleansing. All have signed on to a bill that would protect the state of Israel by imposing civil and possibly criminal penalties on anyone who protests its ongoing violations of Palestinian rights, including illegal settlement and dispossession, by advocating for the boycott of its economic, academic and cultural institutions. In doing so, they have placed protecting Israel and its racially discriminatory policies above the rights of activists who are inspired by the same commitment to justice as the demonstrators who opposed the open display of racism and anti-Semitism in Charlottesville.

The neocons are right. There’s no comparison. This is moral equivalence.
Israel acquired her Palestinian problem as a matter of recent conquest. It’s a traditional dispute over land aggravated by history, religion and culture. In the United States a white majority created “the greatest nation on earth”, and now we’re parceling it out to people who hate us–many with the same fervor and intensity with which the Palestinians and Arabs hate the Israelis. That’s happened at the same time Israel has risen from barely more than an idea to the proud nationalist state it is.

 During the same period the ethnic people of the US have deliberately (if we’re not to believe “conspiracy theories”) decided to gradually blend themselves out of the human mosaic. They do this because of the post-Holocaust definition of Enlightenment values, and that definition is a Jewish definition, invoking, as many proud Jews will tell you, historic Judaic values.

There is no faction within Judaism demanding an end to Judaism as an ethnicity. Judaism as a religion has not been chased out of the lives of Jews over the past half century. It hasn’t been assailed legally, politically and socially to the point it humbly accepts a second rate position behind the secular order that replaced and openly mocks it still. Indeed; Judaism has the respect of that secular order, and Jews determine that order, now.

So God bless Mondoweiss for his uncommon honesty. But it’s a little like Trump’s press conference–despite the fact he’s still humoring the villians with his denunciations of the victims, to merely name the Left and the perpetrators is downright heroic.
But we do need to be clear.

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