Fear, Hate and the Narrative

Eight long months running a convenience store earned a Korean eight years hard time after he shot fleeing shoplifter Jakeel Mason in the back:

Mason went into the store last week after Kim went outside to tell a group of loitering men to go away, prosecutors say. Surveillance video shows Mason trying to steal cigarettes behind the counter and Kim pulling out a gun as he walked back in, according to authorities. 

Mason was looting the store while Kim was distracted by his friends outside. Kim came back in and drew his gun.

Mason put his hands up and Kim backed him up against a shelf inside the store, the prosecutor statement’s say. Then, Kim tucked the gun into his waistband and punched Mason in the face, prompting a brief struggle as Mason tried to get away, according to the prosecutors’ account. 

Mason ran towards the door and grabbed a pack of cigarettes on his way out, authorities say. That is when, according to prosecutors, Kim got up from the ground, pulled his gun from his waistband and shot him twice in the back. 

Kim invoked self defense against a second degree murder charge

Kim said before his arrest he had feared for his life and claimed Mason had pushed him to the ground and tried to grab his pistol.

Surveillance video did not support Kim’s account.
Fearing for one’s life when confronted with a fierce American black elicits less and less sympathy with liberal Washington state judges, and apparently neither does the state of siege that contributed to Kim’s fear and, probably more importantly, anger. Less than two months ago an armed member of Mason’s community tried to kill Kim’s wife in a shootout:

Surveillance video shows Seul Lim, 30, giving a masked man some cash before pulling a gun from behind the register. Lim can be seen firing at the robber, later identified as Tyrone Prophet Jr, 23, and missing.
Prophet promptly fires back and hits her in the abdomen before fleeing. Lim went to the hospital and came out the following day as the bullet didn’t hit any organ. Kim told Kiro 7 at the time that his wife was ‘a tough cookie’.
Prophet was later charged with first-degree assault and robbery. Investigators say the two shootings are not related. ‘We know that just the previous month his wife was shot during a robbery, Troyer told Q13 Fox.
‘We understand that probably leads to high emotions. ‘But if you’re going to carry a weapon you have the responsibility of carrying that weapon.
We can’t have shoplifts turn into homicides.’ 

Note the “first degree assault” charge. He’ll be out before the husband.

Are the shootings unrelated, as the police say? What do they mean when they say it?

 They’re certainly related in the mind of the once law-abiding Kim, but not in the way we once allowed, in a less tolerant nation, in human terms, that is, Kim is not allowed his anger or his fear. He is–and it isn’t hyperbole!–denied his humanity. We’re all being denied our humanity, when we’re not allowed justified fear, when we’re not allowed to return hate. In this environment to be “racist” is to be human. A human with a normal sense of self-regard and preservation.

That the Latino policeman who shot Philando Castile was visibly terrified (thinking he was confronting an armed robbery suspect) immediately prompted a Narrative response: Fear, like modesty and the inner city, would have to be sacrificed to accommodate our most fearsome people.

Fear is under ideological assault (if Trump does nothing but restore the judiciary as much as possible, he will have been worthwhile) and of course anger has long been denied white America in its perpetual state of siege regarding blacks. This new American value is one of the few newcomers are still expected to adopt, not the old-school pioneer hardiness of the Kims, of all those Kims out there in their little Fort Apaches, constrained from defending themselves too heartily lest the cavalry be called in on them.

What sort of psychological distortions, in the individual and in the group, are worming their way through us as a result of this unnatural state of affairs? Here the truth is openly suppressed and the suppression of that truth every day yields casualties: the killed, the robbed, the raped, the corrupted. Is the durability of mainstream and liberal America’s black fetish really just a surrender, a surrender to the stronger, the bolder, even the unique stupidity of blacks, the physicality, above all the audacity to not give a shit about whether you are right but to assert yourself; a surrender all dandied up as Justice, ameliorated by drugs, electronic beats, ease, always, still somehow, material ease and indulgences at every turn.

There is no precedent. White America is beaten down: routed from popular culture, terrorized on the streets, beaten on the sports field, cuckolded by her skanks, silenced by the media, slandered in the culture and, always, condemned.

A people who’ve lavished on black Americans the wealth and admiration white America has given, a people who created the very structures that allowed that black success: professional sports, recorded music, shit, commerce; for that same people to endure black America’s ongoing war against us, after having given that praise, surrendered it, having surrendered to the seductions of black culture; to be told then that this unequal state of affairs isn’t a result of–God no!–blacks being ungenerous, and no, it isn’t what everyone suspects, that black charisma emanates from the same well as black savagery; all against the backdrop of the flash mob, the urban torture kidnappings, the sex and drug trafficking, the moral degradation that no one dares name….

It is a humiliation that cannot be endured. So far the response has been, sadly, the reason the “cuck” epithet is so apt, and so likely to stick around: the mediocre mass (and the mediocre mass of our elite) just want to play some part in the fun. Sit in the corner and jack off? March for BLM? Is there a difference?

You’re not allowed to hate those who are waging war on you. You’re not even allowed to fear them. It’s a surrender; how much is self-imposed is the question.

Of course:

No one was there on behalf of Mason. 

Mason couldn’t raise a single friend or family member to defend his life. But the Narrative was there, weeping copiously and crushing a man.

One thought on “Fear, Hate and the Narrative

  1. Well, the black guy was running away from Kim, right? Even if they were in a street fight, when one opponent starts running away, you cannot shoot him in the back. I feel sorry for Kim, though.


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