Luke Ford speaks with Greg Johnson

Luke Ford interviews Greg Johnson of Counter Currents on his new book, In Defense of Prejudice.

Johnson talks about his journey to white Zionism, white etho-masochism, why the Jewish Question can’t be ignored and other things.

Mr Johnson notes how the same peculiarly European universalist assumptions rationalizing colonial oppression in the past rationalize our oppression in the present.

Indeed, now in condemnation of its past form and deeds, spouting Enlightenment phrases it has hollowed out, Hydra-like in name, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Vibrancy, but–just as in its colonial past, with commerce the driving force, good old aggregated individual human greed and gluttony, as always–this dark undercurrent of Western history turns inward, nowhere left to go, nothing left to level.

But what was the mechanism by which this assumption of human commonality beneath a surface veneer of socialization lead first to our conquest and now to our surrender?
Through failure. When peaceful attempts at civilizing others failed genocide followed and now we condemn ourselves for the genocide, and we tell ourselves it isn’t because we failed to see how different peoples are, but because we failed to see how they are all the same. We didn’t believe hard enough in human equality, but we’ll rectify that.

But this doesn’t arise of itself. This has to attach itself to something. Ideology is the rationalization mechanism by which commerce and power effect their will (maybe it always is). The problem is our rationalization mechanism–Multiculturalism, Globalism–unlike, ironically, most religious systems, is inflexible and unalterable.
The faith in human equality it demands of us rivals Islam in its severity and finality–like Islam, Progressivism claims itself the rightful end of history. Into this crude mechanism (I imagine it steampunk-like in appearance, without any of the charm) we put humans of different types–barely more flexible and alterable than the mechanism which, just to add to the confusion, is the very assumption they are infinitely flexible. We’re corralled into a closed system of understanding by an elite and the global ethnic lynch mob they employ.

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