Deluded by the Dunning-Kristol Effect

We’ve all seen it. Forget for the moment the nastiness of it. Consider just how insanely stupid it is, to think you’re “replacing” a population–forget even the stupidity of taking no account of the quality of human capital you’re using as replacements in taking Somalis and Mexicans to be mere fungible human units equal to Europeans. Forget his obliviousness to technology and automation’s relentless reduction of labor and the crisis it would represent without the importation of ever more uneducated, low-IQ foreigners.

Consider that Bill Kristol seems to think the white working class simply evaporates away by the same process with which their replacements are brought in, disappearing from the scene without causing the profound social and economic shocks that go with a displaced population as it becomes more impoverished, more dependent on government, more drug-afflicted and disaffected. How long does Bill think that will take? What form does he think that will take?
It takes the form of death, despair and hopelessness, and it takes generations.

Imagine a Jew, of all people, oblivious to the connection between heredity and history, thinking that these grandchildren of the Europeans he now pretends to lionize deserve nothing of the legacy they labored and died to produce. Imagine if those European immigrants of the past–who in another context Kristol would be sure to deride in no less disdainful terms–could hear this addled, pot-bellied embodiment of mediocrity dismissing the progeny they cherished in such flippant terms.

Okay, don’t forget the nastiness of it. It’s hard to tell where the stupid begins and the evil ends.

But his obliviousness to the irony of his talking of regression to the mean and mediocrity while presenting the living embodiment and history of it stands out like that well-fed gut.


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