The Disparate Impact of Rhetoric

It’s peaks and valleys across the intellectual landscape of our diverse population. Some demographics are more sophisticated than others. This is the media’s implicit justification for suppression of various outrages, from black crime in the States to Muslim barbarity in Europe. To their mind the enlightened liberal isn’t the problem; it’s the ignorant prole that can’t be trusted with objective reality. The ignorant must be kept ignorant, lest their ignorance bring us harm.

Meanwhile the American liberal is habituated to a learned or feigned indifference in the very same things. To be concerned about trans men in bathrooms or immigrant crime is to reveal oneself as to be frightened by bogeys, out of ignorance, or of such low status as to be threatened by trivialities (and at this point we have to concede the official global-elite position on such as Muslim rape gangs is that they are trivialities).

The liberal defines himself in opposition to what he sees as conservative hysteria: the more it annoys the proles the more he is expected to show indifference. But indifference is just another word for ignorance. He’s in a conundrum. Our whole world is in a conundrum, of his making.

Indifference can become a heavy psychological load at the individual level. The more intelligent the individual and the greater outrage he’s expected to ignore, the greater the tension. Modern liberal man, white-knuckles gripping the rails of the good ship Utopia, doesn’t want to know about Rotherham, or Detroit, or what’s really going on in the head of a transvestite. The media doesn’t only suppress information to keep the regular folk in the dark, it suppresses information to keep liberal cognitive dissonance from boiling over.

the more indifferent–especially indifference inversely proportionate to that which appalls or angers the prole–the better. This is how he signals his status. But the posture itself ensures more and worse things to endure beneath the serene veil of indifference; it’s better if these things aren’t known. Ignorance is essential to Tolerance.

Suppression of news has the secondary effect of saving the right-thinking from too much cognitive dissonance. That becomes a challenge, obviously, when you’re dealing with black urban America or male Muslim migrants. The same level of indulgence will have wildly disparate impact on any two distinct groups. So if it’s blacks you’re indulging, be prepared to indulge some crazy shit. Better not to know in the first place–this thought haunts the minds of liberals like a specter.

White liberals hold their poor cousins can’t be trusted with all the facts because they’re irrational. But black America can.

Better still–judging the liberal order’s indulgence of black American passions–black America can be trusted with the frauds. Where the white working class is denied even a point of view, black America’s is indulged on principle; no one dare point out what so many must think: there is no worse population to encourage than this one (at least, until our Muslims become numerous enough to challenge them).

But white liberal America trusts black America to show restraint in the face of wild hyperbole and questionable logic, all woven into the never-ending fantasia of White Racism. The mainstream and corporate embrace of Black Lives Matter has given convention’s stamp of legitimacy to it all. Yet on every metric by which the liberal sees the white wearer of the wife-beater as deficient–education, propensity for emotion, violence, bigotry, intelligence, tolerance, altruism; everything the elitist cites as root causes of bigotry–black America lags negatively. Black agency doesn’t exist in his mind–considering it is racism itself.

When the liberal is freed from the racial burden, his innate snobbery comes to the fore. They take as a given that some groups are smarter and more rational than others–in, say, comparing unfavorably the education levels of working class whites with other whites. This allows us to observe elite attitudes while controlling for race, when race is left out (something becoming rarer and rarer) of the story. And here it’s revealed how their enthusiasm for black concerns–so far unbounded–is not principle opposed to racial inequality but partisanship demanding it, for non-whites. They aren’t applying a standard but picking sides.

They sometimes openly cite the disparate impact of objective truth on impressionable populations as justification for editing out otherwise relevant fact–the eternal white racist bogey, out there in the great, barely less racist working class white mass, must not be encouraged in any way--because he can’t be trusted to process information free of rancor, bias and ignorance. But who does this sound like, really?

As a result of the extreme deference paid to black American opinion and ever-lower expectations of behavior, all a result of chasing standards downward to correct the “disparate impact” of “racism”, there is no upper limit on hyperbole. Black suffering, its style and playing out, the inevitability of its justice, its soundtrack and language, all of it is for the average earnest white boomer their generation’s equivalent of the Great Good War. They will not surrender their expectations under mere failure and societal collapse.

They are worse than blind. Not only do they project onto black America a dignity and decency that isn’t there, they created it a powerful alternate reality of film and television where it exists, along with genius, competence, and a ubiquitous white shame and inadequacy in its face. A world of lies–even well-intended ones–is a world of horrors.

The elites hold fast to the principle of elite merit, they have completely abandoned the other half of that equation–their responsibility for their co-ethnics, which they’ve replaced with the Other, who they see as being less trouble but above all, less embarrassing. It’s just easier this way.

 The new technocratic, meritocratic and ironic elite abandons their poor cousins for the most appalling Third World brute, with a smirk.

One thought on “The Disparate Impact of Rhetoric

  1. \”A world of lies–even well-intended ones–is a world of horrors.\”Boom, as the kids say.We've been living in that world for several decades now. And to borrow from the Right Reverend Wright, on the horizon one can see the massing of chickens heading inevitably home to roost.


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