Narrative Autopilot in Antebellum America

The Orlando massacre aftermath was like something out of that satirical black comedy about the Left’s embrace of Islam. You know, the one that will never be made (because Hollywood may be a whore but she’s no bigot!): Isis achieves a stunning success, striking American soil in the worst attack since 9/11, and before the day is out the story is co-opted by the gay left to use against Trump and, um, the homophobia of his “Muslim ban”. Or something. Anything. Also, he scurrilously took advantage of this act of Islamic terror by warning of Islamic terror and is now increasing Islamophobia, and the further threat of Islamic terror by having warned of–not that this was an act of Islamic terror; that doesn’t really exist because No Real Muslim is a terrorist. And over here we have guns…

It all happened so fast the celebratory gunfire must have had to be interrupted, the poor devils standing there still with AKs raised skyward and stunned looks on their faces when the word came down: the mennuke cocksuckers have hijacked the narrative!

It’s hilarious. But something sinister has happened. A frustrated ISIS got the message and let us know. Hell, everyone got the message. For the media to pay attention and direct the terror–the whole point of the violence–they should pick on the straight whites. Normal Americans are fair game now, everyone else jockeys for their place in the grievance hierarchy.

The gays have deliberately pushed the majority in front of the trolley–and not necessarily to save gays from terrorists (the gays who rule the country, more or less, aren’t cramming into Latin night at a shitty disco in Miami, anyway) but to advantage themselves generally in their broader war against normality generally and Donald Trump specifically. To the extent their actions make us all less safe, they of course only serve to make gay Americans less safe. To salvage the mess of pottage that is a bad news cycle, the gay Left sold you out.

The common thread running through feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, all of it, is betrayal.

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