The Brilliant, Stunning, Perfect, Glorious and So Cute Mashably Buzzfed Style You’ve Got to See!

Respectable media has coalesced around a liberal-progressive consensus that brooks no challenge from the right on “social issues”. Social media is dominated by youth and conflict. Maybe this is all we need to explain the trend toward the language of wholly unwarranted hyperbole at lefty sites emphasizing the “viral”–so perfectly, stunningly, adorably satirized in this must-see tweet:

“This 12 year old transgender prostitute gave the PERFECT response to his gift-giving 55 year old lover. So cute!” – Buzzfeed in 5 years.

One familiar trope is the celebration of the PERFECT! retort turned on a “troll”, such as George Takei’s “epic” comeback here:

With no respectable political opposition to the Left’s agenda on social and racial issues the media seems to have lost all sense of proportion. The most trivial Twitter exchange is heroic comedy to Buzzfeed’s cub reporters. Their daily posts come like war dispatches from North Korea’s official press; every skirmish is total victory over an inept and cowardly enemy. Of course, it’s all dependent upon who is smacking down whom, therefore, according to Mashable, “There is Nothing More Glorious than Watching Roxane Gay Shut Down an Internet Troll” who had the nerve to criticize her pot roast that was under consideration for a blog post (no joke):

Along with the tales of epic smackdowns, there is the sentimental “must see” piece that some would give good money to un-see, such as the mother surprising her fourteen-year old son with his first dose of hormones. But that piece didn’t feature the hyperbolic style (“Watch this Trans Teenager’s Emotional Reaction to Getting Her First Dose of Hormones”) so it doesn’t really count here.

But it isn’t just social media bundling reportage that bemuses with its breathlessness. Buzzfeed’s video production shop gave us a downright bizarre feature declaring “People of Color Re-Created Iconic Movie Posters and the Results are Stunning”.

Stunning examples of how much better-looking movie stars are than drama students, alas. We’ve seen the multicultural future, and it’s kind of homely:


I suspect the self-absorption, at least, of the young woman on the left is “stunning”.

Regression to the Mean Girls.

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