Pain and Soros

Soon after the first #blacklives disruption of a campaign event–a double header taking out two white males, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders–speculation arose as to whether Hillary supporter George Soros was behind the hit. This only increased when Bernie was shut down again in Seattle, in front of 12,000.

Then news came Hillary’s secret service agents turned away #blacklives protesters at an appearance. It must be nice to have secret service agents. Bernie had one gouty old Seattle progressive to defend him.

Forget it Jake, it’s social justice now*

So is it proof Soros is not behind the guerrilla tactics? Do I have to discard a perfectly sensible conspiracy theory? Thankfully, no; the Astroturf Amazons telegraphed their moves, then conveniently failed to execute them:

The group had initially told The New Republic that they had planned to interrupt Clinton’s event and ask her about her drug platform, and campaign staffers inside the room were aware of those intentions due to the magazine’s publication.

Because the former secretary of state and first lady has Secret Service protection, her events are typically sealed once she enters the building — and the group of activists apparently did not make it to the event by that time. They were standing under a tent outside the school doors as the event began, but eventually made it into the building to watch in the side room.

Hillary gets a “Hillary meets with protesters” headline and Bernie gets “Sanders humiliated by girls.” I can still smell bullshit. It’s playing out now as if the point isn’t to take down Sanders, but for Hillary to curry favor with blacks. Oh if only the Republicans were a serious party, capable of and willing to field a serious candidate to run on a law and order, implicitly pro-white platform. The scary thing is their biggest fear of that is that it might succeed.

*important note to SJWs headed to Ferguson and other social justice hotspots: “Bulletproof, Black Lives Matter” tee is not actually bulletproof. It is, however, 100 percent cotton and available for just 28 dollars!
But again: not bulletproof.

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