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One may cover over secret actions, but to be silent on what all the world knows, and things which have had effects which are public and of so much consequence, is an inexcusable defect.
–Montaigne, On the Duty of Historians

Appropriate condemnation for those, from the University to Fox News, determined to enforce our continuing misunderstanding of race and its problems. It’s been about fifteen years now since I first discovered dissident literature about race online. It was exhilarating. The thrill of transgressing the sacrosanct and sense it was nonetheless right (if you feel seeking the truth is right) coexisted. Amazing! (It would make the wholesome yin to the shameful yang of discovering Internet porn, if I should ever discover Internet porn.)
Of course, the thrill is gone.

Farther back people were assuming it inevitable the Internet would soon render the Narrative an unsustainable laughingstock. How they flattered the nation! How I flattered myself. You can transgress all you want, if you’re nobody; “transgressing” by reading HBD sites, for instance, proves you’re nobody. Don’t do it if you want to be somebody. The cottage industry that is the outing of “racists” exists to broadcast this dictum. But it isn’t just about vetting celebrities and politicians. The message the average guy–white guy, needless to say–gets loud and clear is this is what losers do.

So far so good: the Narrative hasn’t even had to adapt to facts that have been more “settled” than global warming for a long time. In its aversion to logic and romanticizing of anger (it’s become routine: the media reports the anger of such as the Ferguson mob as if it proves the justice of their cause; one burned-down Quickie Mart a solid argument, two a slam dunk) the Narrative argues that feelings make facts, but its sharper proponents know the reality: feelings make power.

The Internet has failed to make facts relevant. Certain facts at least. From the conspicuous self-abnegation of the white liberal to the surly self-importance of the urban black, feelings drive behavior. The Narrative knows. It advanced ten miles while you meticulously fashioned a brilliant treatise “destroying” it–on paper. Smirking, it advances as you go back to try out another argument. The Narrative rules. I wish I was the Narrative!

 The processes set in motion just grind on, and demographic change is slowly overtaking the relevance of the racial question–a white minority will be eclipsed not merely by the number of non-whites (who Democrats and progressives hope to keep corralled in an anti-white coalition), but by talented groups such as Asians and Indians, who, the HBD counter-narrative assures us, will displace whites in much of the professional and business world. What consequence the truth or not of HBD then? The best we can hope for at that point is sympathy. “Yeah, looking back, you white guys really got screwed. Can you make those curly fries?”

Argument gets nowhere so the truth is irrelevant. Progressivism knows it’s all about boots on the ground–“alien bodies” in Narrative jargon–so they push the demographic agenda knowing time favors them; the respectable right doesn’t even know there’s a war on.

But then I’m just trying to cheer you up.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I agree with most everything except I completely disagree with the fear of merit-based displacement. If ethnic group A does a job better than ethnic group B, group B should find some other use, and offer comparative advantage, and will benefit from the output of A. If another ethnic group does better medical research or invents better technology or makes better manufactured goods at lower cost, everyone wins. The world is demanding more and more skilled labor, I don't see a trend towards more fast food fry cook jobs. That is really ridiculous.If people can enter society and genuinely compete for business, great. My fear is the people that don't want to compete on a win-win basis and want to seize political power, get special favors, oppress other ethnic groups in a politically correct and sanctioned manner.The other big fear related to HBD and The Narrative is: idiocracy, where the problem population multiplies and the responsible types demographically vanish. The modern ideas of mass immigration and extreme government mandated equality seem like they may destroy societies on an epic scale.


  2. Political correctness is just one group of white people shaming another. When whites are a minority PC will be irrelevant and laughed at.


  3. Dahinda, some of us have been 'Red Pill on Race' for even longer than 15 years and so have had much time to speculate on our coming minority status. Some feel that, without action, it will be more South Africa than Brazil – PC is definitely not a laughable irrelevancy to Afrikaaners.To be blunt, without a far more aggressive defense, it will go badly for us indeed. Look at the impunity Obama, Holder et al have already bequeathed to anti-white violence.


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