(Kh)Q(G)ad(d)af(f)i’s Revenge

The New York Times reports on the suspected leader of the Benghazi attack:

Mr. Abu Khattala was a member of the Islamist opposition under Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and was imprisoned in his notorious Abu Salim prison. Unlike most of the other Islamist prisoners, however, Mr. Abu Khattala never renounced violence as a means for seeking political change. He was let out of prison only last year, along with a batch of other political prisoners released in a futile bid by the government to appease the nascent uprising.

4 thoughts on “(Kh)Q(G)ad(d)af(f)i’s Revenge

  1. Yeah – it's been boring for a while; I used to read the whole (paper) mag in one sitting. I pretty much ignored the web site because of duplication of the mag. Forced myself to read Larison, because I thought it might be good for me (like caster oil) but the new guys are really annoying, conventional and trite; the whole Front Porch thing seems designed to reassure their liberal friends that conservatives are harmless and well-meaning nostalgics – more Norman Rockwell than Lew. The bitch is I recently sent them $50. Live and learn. Looks like the whole world is Portland now…


  2. TAC banished me from their group blog in summer '11 for posting what would appear later over at Alt Right as \”The Summer of Love\”–a short, reasonable essay on the black flash mobs of the time. Someone got the vapors and the piece was pulled down within minutes. I thought it was a mistake and re-posted; they took away my access. No explanation offered.I haven't been able to read the magazine for months. It keeps coming still, like a taunting specter. Just waiting for that subscription to run out. They seem bound and determined to be boring. But you keep sending me those palms-up emails begging for money, Dan, and I'll keep flushing them with the rest of the spam.


  3. Sorry; the answer to your question is no, I won't comment on the current state of TAC because I'm not qualified. I thought it was pretty damn good for a long time and still regret not having given them better stuff when I had the chance. Right now five years ago seems a lifetime intellectually. I don't recognize myself. Writing isn't just impossible, it's pointless. They're going to try to achieve some rehabilitation of conservatism without addressing demography. Godspeed.This is the point at which they threw this minor crank overboard:http://dennisdale.blogspot.com/2011/07/this-aint-summer-of-love.html


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