The Hate Whose Name We Dare not Speak

Right-wing tweet aggregator Twitchy is back with another disingenuous exposee of shocking black bigotry (here dancing about traditional Maypole Sarah Palin), veiling it as virulence from the “Left”. The covert critique continues.

At least they don’t say “liberal”. It’s time to formally divest the Left of any association with liberty. Classic liberalism is dead and discarded. There is no room for Locke and Mill among the factions of multiculturalism and its attendant demagogy. They are dead white males after all.

Liberty’s assassins affect mourning for the passing of “civility”. Meanwhile their black thug shock troops roam the streets defiling, destroying, making war on anything that smacks of civilization, which they find as effete and contemptible as the white weaklings they terrify with their mere presence. Who’s to say they’re wrong anymore? They make their assertion–society has no claim on me–and then go out and prove it.

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