All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace*

The answer to the still smoldering problem of black flash-mobs (now pirate raids for plunder as much as anything else) has always been with us, sadly:

The Police Department on Monday also announced the launch of SafeCam, an online program that allows residents and businesses to register their security cameras with the city, to help police apprehend suspects quickly.

Networks of surveillance cameras supporting quick-reaction police tactics, and re-purposed social media surveillance:

…Ottawa Police’s criminal intelligence section…keeps an eye on anarchist websites and the like — which sometimes will write about intentions to disrupt major events in the city, like diplomatic or Royal visits, and G8/G20 meetings.

“It’s very challenging to pin-point smaller events,” Sweet said. “It’s all new, but we’re in the middle of a project — a strategic response to social media.”

This will save us from North America’s black children, and the need to admit how terrified we are of them. We in cities where the Youths’ numbers aren’t at critical mass (alas!) may not be in physical peril, but we all have to swim in the same civil-legal waters–a little muddier now with the latest innovatory trend in black malevolence. And we are grateful for our degraded privacy and the diverted resources. Everyone a little less free, a little more safe. Those little bastards really don’t get enough credit for their malicious achievements.

*Title lifted from the Adam Curtis documentary.

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