8 thoughts on “Outreach, Concluded

  1. Pearls before swine, or more accurately, before children judging by the comments section.I think sending your posts into the Slogmire was a great idea. The internet tends toward fostering these extreme gatherings of like-mindedness and insularity. Your pieces are like tossing chunks of anti-matter into a clog in the pipe of ideas. Maybe now the goddamn thing will flush. Or probably not, but a worthwhile exercise nonetheless.


  2. And/but they will miss you when they all go back to discussing hiphop and what they like to put in their drinks. Besides hatin' on the overgeneralized other, there doesn't seem to be any 'there' there. Nietzche gave them the universe, but they don't want to leave their dorm room.


  3. I was amused by some of the comments on your first slog. In the end, however, I was shocked and appalled: shocked by the bile; appalled that these people apparently cannot follow a simple argument. Your writing style is lucid and not at all obtuse.


  4. Great job, your last work on Holder is great. I have always thought that the very last thing they really want is an actual honest conversation about race.


  5. Well, Dennis, I can honestly say that your excursion taught me something valuable: the meaning of \”TL;DR\”.All this time I thought it meant \”Taking Lithium; Didn't React\”. Based on the commenters on the SLOGosphere, I was sure I was correct.


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