Re-posted with Oscar night open thread in comments below!

Good news and bad. Our associates from the Storyboard blog have brought over three cases of Os and other much needed supplies. But no sooner is one gap closed than another opens up; Dolores, our longtime and beloved comment moderator, will be leaving Untethered today. We can no longer afford her services. Other staff members will be filling in, when possible, to pluck the pearls of thoughtful commentary (should they appear) out of the slow ooze of spam.
A heartfelt thanks to Dolores, on behalf of us all. We shall miss your homemade muffins every Friday. What cheer you brought to your often unpleasant task of sifting through the insipid and insolent commentary that the blog attracts! The pointless and the profane, you called it in your inimitable humor. We will hold the gate as best we can, and until we at last succumb your satirically stentorian “none shall pass” will resound in these halls.
Godspeed, Dolly!

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  1. Quick reaction shot of (still beautiful) Charlyze Theron looking like she just bit some guy's head off. Not in an angry way; just in a \”that's what I do\” nonchalance way, while her narrowed eyes scan the field like a \”blonde beast of prey\”, indignantly watching the other alpha females preen.


  2. Is it me or is it that every time a group of three or more come to the stage to accept an award all but one wait their turn with tense grins while the first guy to the mike goes and long, and they're hustled offstage with nary a peep!


  3. Anticlimax as Tom Hanks blurts out the winner seconds into his presentation, like one of the \”unpredictable\” bombs in The Hurt Locker; as far as I'm concerned, THL barely takes the bomb squad procedural past his stodgy red wire/blue wire conundrum (seconds to go and the hero has a choice, wire cutters poised: red wire or blue wire?…)Bigelow, all nervous energy (oh be well-rested, whatever stallion must take this lady home tonight!) has the boisterous, yes, childlike, vigorous male youths lined up behind her as she ritually approves of their unruly masculinity, accepting her tribute.Camille Paglia must be eating this sh-t up right now.


  4. Every year during the Best Cinematography presentation when they announce the nominees I turn to my wife and say \”See – no Jews. It's the only award where there's never any Jewish nominees\” – and impress her with my Sailerology.


  5. Isn't it though?Hurt Locker's win was the result of a superior campaign with a better narrative: first female Best Director, for romaticizing Men at War (what cross-over appeal); and forget what an author says about a film being \”anti war\”–all war films are necessarily prowar at heart.But this was about raising up Bigelow as a sort of Artemisia of current perpetual war mythology. The woman of a certain age with great work and an affected thing for regular guys; Feminist and Militarist faction have here established a sort of preliminary agreement on term. The Geneva Conventions may be interpreble; Equal Pay is not!


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